6 Aston Martin 911

Cover for Aston Martin 911

Have you seen photos of Aston Martin's new DB9?

I just did and, let me tell you, it looks the same as Virage, which looks the same as Vantage, which looks the same as DB9 which looks the same as Vanquish which looks the same as DB7.

So it's another 911. Every Aston looks the same, since 1997, just like every Porsche 911 looks more or less the same since 1970s.

Boring? A bit boring, yes. But we do have a new icon in car design. A new defining, "trademark" shape.

And if Apple bothered to file a patent for iPhone design, which is little more than a featureless rectangle, Aston definitely should patent the beautiful shape of DB9, which has now become an instantly recognizable icon.

10y ago by FastestLaps
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Matt  10y ago

I agree that Aston should try new product designs. However this is like finding out Angelina Jolie has a twin sister, I'm not complaining.

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supercharger  10y ago

I disagree in one way i like the way aston martins currently look however i want them to try a new design

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BR2,  10y ago

Astons use to be my favorite company...not any more, now there just boring, they look gorgeous, but every single car they make looks the same, has the same engine, wheels, interior etc, Its about time they made a DB10, and something DIFFERENT, and moved on, They ceased Virage production...so they could rename it DB9....riiight..New shape, new engine, new everything, there prices are getting higher and there looking the same with sub par performance? cmonnnn

Porsche, in a way is almost the same, except i think Porsche is more Evolution then the same thing.

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ramzi  10y ago

eventhough the look has been for long time, it is a very sleek and muscular design.such cars keep the automotive industry passionate and alive, with all other automakers focusing on hybrid and downsizing

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Thing  10y ago

They have their signature sleek GT look which is great. But they are not all the same as you said. The DB9 and virage and the new db9 are similar because they are based on the same platform. But the old Vanquish was different. The new one is different too. Ofcourse they are all front engined GT cars with the trademark Aston look but they are easy to differentiate.

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E  10y ago

Astons look good though. 911, looks OK and peaked with the 996. The 918 is nice though.

I'd rather Aston keep their look if they can't come up with anything better.