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Biomega EV, is relied upon to be dispatched in 2021. The vehicle will highlight a 60KW engine with a force utilization of 11kWh per 100km. The 0-100 km/h quickening of the vehicle will be 13 seconds and the reach is required to be 160km. The cost of the vehicle will be starting at €20.000€.

Biomega EV sticks to the toning it down would be ideal methodology of Scandinavian plan guidelines. It makes another open-wheel vehicle typology that considers a level floor and simple moving in close metropolitan spaces, while the development of a belt window expands street see. This vehicle is intended to be assembled utilizing cutting edge lightweight composites, including a utilization of particular carbon fiber for high volume car creation. Through cleaned up inside, the vehicle rejects unnecessary styling for ease, solace and manageability.

7m ago by revolt7717
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benedekpuskas  7m ago

Interesting stuff


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SpeedKing  7m ago

Wow that takes the prize as the ugliest EV i've ever seen, vomit lol

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benedekpuskas  7m ago @SpeedKing

function>looks if we are talking about EVs :)

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SpeedKing  7m ago @benedekpuskas

Yes one can view it from that perspective however if this is the future i want no part of it because aesthetics matter imo :)