12 BMW M4 "CSL" spotted — is this the one?

Cover for BMW M4 "CSL" spotted — is this the one?

I see a little bit of a wing resemblance that isn't seen in a base M4 model or a Competition model, it has been driven at mid-range speeds here where I spotted it in Pasadena (California), it really gives off that pre-production CSL prototype vibe...

Edit: Sorry I didn't take the photo on-time enough for a close-up shot, it only started to randomly appear while I was walking on the other side of the street. The red circle in this picture clarifies that this particular M4 has a bigger wing than usual.

2m ago by hostboy
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Corvolet3  1m ago

I'm almost afraid to think about how fast this thing is going to accelerate after passing the average speed limit. Easily M5 territory

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Z31Turbo84  1m ago

I cant tell because of how blurry the photo is, but I am pretty sure that is just a M4 with the M Performance wing. Though I could be very wrong! https://ind-distribution.com/products/bmw-m-performance-g8x-m3-m4-carbon-flow-through-rear-spoiler