4 Bridgestone Potenza RE070R RFT (Dec. 2007)

So bridgestone gives us a new tire in a couple of days. so far i read some infos on a japanese car website (response.jp) that it should be released from the 4th Dec 2007.

(example is used for the new Nissan GT-R)



Does anyone else have some other information?

15y ago by JiSiN
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JiSiN  10y ago

yep i think RE-11 & RE-11A is even better maybe as good as Yokohama's ADVAN Neova AD08.

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HondaTsx  11y ago

isn\'t RE-11 better?

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maxcreigs  12y ago

If you are looking quality tire then bridge stone is one of the best company among the other company because i have these in my audi car with UHP tire Potenza RE070 and its from last six months.
so till there are nothing to done with it.

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Georg  15y ago

it is the reinforced version of the already existing UHP tire Potenza RE070 a good tire.

In Consumer Survey US rankings the Potenza RE070 is only placed 32. place in the UHP (Ultra High Perfromance Summer tire class).
That did not stop the RE070 to push significant the Hockenheim shorttrack perfromance of the GTI..Volkswagen swiched to the RE070 as factory tire for the GTI.

Optical the profil is identical.. the RE070R RFT only comes with stiffer sidewalls allowing 50miles travel with 50mph on 0 psi tire pressure.

Sportauto made in 2006 a test with RFT tires from different manufactors which offered exactly the same tire as RFT and normal tire.

All RFT offer slightly better dry handling..the stiff sidewalls allow more precise steering. In damp/wet conditions they loose slightly to significant ground to normal build tires..All tested RFT tires completly sucked at heay wet braking..