6 Can we Add Motorcycles?

I would love the addition of motorcycles to this Website to be included with the cars that are already listed. Maybe it will put and end to the car vs bike debtates that we often see flying around the Internet. (unlikely hehe)

I can certainly contribute quite substantailly to the acceleration/power figures of the vast majority of bikes for the past 10 year, asI have tons of stats, not just ss/qm times, times form 0 to flat out in incriments of 10mph etc.

As for laptimes, well I could add some my self, and also would be happy to research/contribute etc.

Let me Know what you think.

13y ago by PAPPACLART
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ZondaMan7.3  8y ago

Actually, motorcycles are not allowed.

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427  13y ago

I don't see why not. :D

Are there any sites with motorcycle lap times in English though? That would be helpful.

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Cool ok great ,I will get cracking.

You are correct, it is hard to find credible tmes that can be proven. I do have bike magazines with laptimes around particular tracks from over the years but not comprehensive enough.

I can certainly get started with a few bikes anyway.

Also I have a good number of car magazines and can contribute also to acceleration times for many cars.

I can also put this website about abit, to try and rustle up more interest with likely valuable contributors.


Also can we add Nurburgring but the Bridge to Gantry as I have bikes times for that config of the track.


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danielk  13y ago

[url]www.einszweidrei.de[/url] is a very good source for motorcycle info including lap times.

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FastestLaps  13y ago


It is certainly not a bad idea and there are no real reason why we couldn't have bikes in fastestlaps, other than the fact that there are very very VERY few lap times for stock motorcycles. Even for cars there are just few credible sources where these lap-times come from. So you can imagine how "many" there would be for bikes.

But I'll certainly keep this idea on the table and in my mind and not discard it. After all, fastestlaps.com is growing in popularity and some sort of major expansion of the website content should be a welcome idea.

And I really appreciate your willingness to help. Because there wouldn't be 3000+ laptimes in fastestlaps.com now if there weren't people like you who enjoy the website and contribute to it.

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Chiesi  13y ago

I think It's great!