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196ss  4m ago

Probably it's time to add Throttle House laptimes?


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196ss  7m ago

I have a question. Auto Motor und Sport sometimes gives the average time at Kleiner kurs Hockenheim in their comparing tests. Knowing that the length of their configuration is 2634 m (AMuS themselves indicate this), we can calculate the lap time. For example, if they indicate an average speed of 110 km / h, then the time will be 2634x3,6/110=86.2, i.e. 1:26.2.
Can we post such lap times, what do you think?

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196ss  8m ago

Please submit laptimes:


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klaas  10m ago

Ducati 848
Fastestlaps already said there's no difference between the evo and the normal 848

weight: 182 Kg
top speed: 251 km/h
0-100: 3,3s
0-140: 5,0s
0-200: 9,3s
100-0: 39,4 m

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196ss  10m ago

Some laptimes for Boxberg handling track from Sportscars&Tuning 2016 magazine:




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Broly  2y ago

The fastestlaps page for rcf currently says .92 g for lateral acceleration. Caranddriver got .95 g. Best result I could find for a non carbon package or track edition rcf

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Tracker  2y ago

600LT 1:48.9 Hockenheim GP

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Theron  3y ago

Hey ????

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StreetNASCAR  3y ago

2019 Camaro Turbo 1LE 3:05.6 at VIR. Why it's important: 400 lbs lighter than ZL1, clearance for Trofeo 295/35ZR20x4, 600hp boost potential for a true NASCAR experience less the sound.

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mikemcgee  3y ago

Spa Francorchamps lap in FWD Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 Voodoo 300/1320KG Driven by Mike McGee 1st Oct 2018 Wet laps - -

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hostboy  4y ago

Please add 4.4 0-60, 10.6 0-100 and 12.9/111 402m run for Kia Stinger GT

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nvsine  4y ago

Please add this 0-100km/h time to Infiniti Q50 Hybrid.

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serpentx  4y ago

Please add these laptimes from Vairano Handling Course.

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV (with AT8 gearbox): 1:15.924
BMW M3 30 Jahre (basically the same as M3 with Competition pack): 1:16.340
Mercedes-AMG C 63 S: 1:19.721

Driver: Davide Fugazza

Audi RS5 (B9): 1.17.976
Posted on Youtube:

Driver: Davide Fugazza

Autó és Stílus, 2017, August-September issue. It is just a Hungarian translation from original Quattroruote comparison test of Giulia QV, BMW M3 30 Jahre and C63 AMG S on Vairano track:

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BR2+  5y ago

Lol old boy is the biggest German and American car fanboy on this site, Literally all you do...All you do, is talk about them "Constantly", Even when it has nothing to do with the 2, Hell you even have pics of pink Barbie Porsches and old German women eating hot dogs.......On hand....That right there, is true dedication of being a German fanboy, such dedication of such a loser is rare these days, I could almost shed a tear at the passion you have for America n Germany. Theres no bigger fan of things that come out that country then yourself, thats a fact, And the fact that you even attempt such feats while going full retard is admirable, Truly remarkable

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lafars  5y ago

Can anybody add 0:59 around the top gear test track for the Renault R24?

I've already added the R24

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cosimo  5y ago

$71k camaro 650 hp + 650 lb-ft

$350k 911 gt3turbors 700 hp connected to a glucose pipe and could drop down below 650 hp if you run out of h2o + 553 lb-ft

so if you want german performance you pay 279k extra to get less torque and less power with a fish tank to make up for the loss of power in hotter climates lol

is it too much to offer bigger turbos that can provide 700 hp without adding and spraying toilet water ? mclaren didn't seem to have an issue with the 720 but with porker there's always a catch!

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classyjordan  5y ago

Mclaren 720s 6:50.34 at the nurburgring nordschleife. Just happened yesterday!