62 Electric supercar Nio EP9 in 2nd place at Grand Tour Eboladrome

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Today's Grand Tour episode was all about China - from the endless new highways and infrastructure, to the Chinese financed electric supercar aiming straight at the pinnacle of the Eboladrome laptime list.

In first episode of the series, Mclaren Senna took the lead of the Grand Tour laptime standings and managed to beat the track-only Aston Martin Vulcan.

This week, fully electric Nio EP9 got within 2.1 seconds of absolute track record of McLaren Senna, which I find incredible, especially considering the vast 361 kg weight difference between the two.

You might think that Nio makes up for the extra weight of batteries with its vastly higher peak power output - I believe this to be misleading, as manufacturer advertised peak power output of electric cars tend to be exaggerated - you can invent almost any power number you want when it comes to electrics, and not specify how, how long and where the power was measured.

I will add that Nio EP9 is not road legal in United Kingdom or likely anywhere, therefore, it will not be added to the Eboladrome laptime standings.


3y ago by FastestLaps
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dr. cosimo  2y ago

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dr. cosimo  3y ago

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ding  3y ago

if the grand tour had a racing driver with balls it would be top of senna.

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Wealllovecars  3y ago

Why wouldn’t the time count because it’s not road legal.... the Vulcan isn’t road legal and it’s time is still up there.... I also think that the time of the NIO on the track would be quicker if there was more practice, driving an electric vehicle with that much torque is way different they driving a gas car.

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saxy  3y ago

First of all, sheer torque and power are much more important in a hill climb. You have road legal production cars being considerably faster than British touring racing cars that would normally murder them on a normal track.

The Nio was definitely on slicks on the hill climb. It probably wasn’t here though. It looked pedestrian slow in the last 2 tight corners.

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manone  3y ago

correction: nio9 was 1.3 secs and not 0.5 secs slower than volkswager idr at goodwood. unconsequential about what i have just wrote.

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manone  3y ago

this is another proof of how pathetically obvious senna's time is fake on this track: nio9 easily thrashes any existing road car on a twisty track and is with the very best on medium-fast tracks. At goodwood, this car was just quicker than loeb's T16 pikes peak prototype and 0.5 sec slower than dumas' volkswagen IDR prototype, the quickest hillclimb vehicle on earth. On a track like eboladrome NIO9 should kill senna by at least 3-4 seconds, easily.
I mean, this site sould not even report laptimes taken by Clarkson & company productions, such they are ridicolously in favour of McLaren.