9 F40 - XJ220 - EB110 - DiabloVT - 964TurboS - by Michael Schumacher

F40, XJ 220, EB 110 GT, Diablo VT, 964 Turbo S
tested by Michael Schumacher for AutoBild (1994) on Mireval 3.2 km Goodyear circuit (different from now, so PLEASE ADD THIS TRACK!):

1:28.3 Ferrari F40
1:30.4 Jaguar XJ 220
1:34.5 Lamborghini Diablo VT
1:35.3 Porsche 964 Turbo S (385ps)
no time listed for Bugatti EB 110 GT, but judging from the text its laptime was not much better than the Diablo's - if at all.


12y ago by F355
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hostboy  1m ago

Why did they use 964TS and not 959? My guess is that the 959 was already out of production and the 964TS was the fastest that Porsche had to offer...


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ChironSS  1m ago

Yeah the Porsche 959 was long gone by the time the Jaguar XJ220 was available.

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Corvolet3  1m ago

The GT2 came one year later :)

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196ss  1m ago

This laptime was submitted for for wrong Turbo by the way.
That was not 3,3 Turbo S 381PS, but 3,6 Turbo S 385PS.


I think it's important because 964 Turbo S 3,3 is much faster on tracks than 964 Turbo S 3,6. It had stripped down interior (-180 kg from regular Turbo) and revised suspension for track use. In it's time was more like 993GT2 predecessor than Turbo S analog that we know now.
1994 Turbo S 3.6 on the other hand was just a Turbo 3,6 with some minor options and 25 more hp.
Turbo S 3,3 would be faster for sure than Diablo VT, and maybe could have close fight with XJ220.

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ChironSS  1m ago

Very interesting. Tragic what happened to Micheal. But things like this live on. Jaguar XJ220 splitting the Italians but beating Lamborghini by 4 seconds? And Bugatti not listed? Notes state it wouldn't of mattered anyway.

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A156  12y ago

F40 proves once again its power!

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Mafalda  12y ago

some people belive the diablo was better than F40 because + 1 Kph (declared).....

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F355  12y ago

Thank you for updating, FastestLaps - AND FOR YOUR FANTASTIC WORK IN GENERAL!
I\'ll add the Diablo VT (492ps) soon.
Don\'t know how/when Mireval was changed or how many combinations could/can be run there.

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FastestLaps  12y ago

Added track as \"Mireval (1994)\".

Do you know when was the track rebuilt? To continue our current naming scheme and to avoid further confusion we should name it \"Mireval (Pre MM/YYYY)\" and original track page should be renamed \"Mireval (Post MM/YYYY)\" where MM/YYYY is date when track was rebuilt/modified.