2 Ferrari 458 Top Gear Lap time

Beautiful car, I am in love with the 458 Italia!

However, did anyone else like me expect a quicker lap time at the Top Gear track? 1:19.1 is good but only 0.4 secs ahead of the supposedly old hat Lambo Gallardo and less than a second clear of that infamous giant killer the GT-R. Considering the firepower this new Ferrari is packing, I expected it to at least nudge ahead of the Enzo!

12y ago by Bezza
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ky  12y ago

The 458 is good on HP (562), But it\'s low on torque (400). Turbos would make yhis pure magic.

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the race  12y ago

in top gear track,supercars are nearly equal...only miliseconds...0,1 sec or o,7 sec make them faster than rivals...or more stronger guys.