9 Ferrari F355 have old but important Nürburgring lap time

Cover for Ferrari F355 have old but important Nürburgring lap time

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta have Nürburgring lap time 8:18 minute. This was Sport auto magazine supertest from year 1997. This was Sport auto supertest 06/1997. Test driver was Horst von Saurma. Ferrari F355 is fast and beutifull classic supercar.

Here is lap time: https://web.archive.org/web/20141101055922/http://www.sportauto.de/supertest/supertest-analyse-2-die-entwicklung-von-ferrari-8440664.html

Please added this lap time from this great classic Ferrari.

10m ago by honzakoubek
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Ferrari1  10m ago

nice car!


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FastestLaps  10m ago

One of the nicest sounding V8s in history! Massive leap in performance at the time, and I could imagine how in 1998 one could not possibly think of any way to improve this car and squeeze out more power from 3.5 liter engine. But here we are today with things like Ferrari 458 or 812 which produce ridiculous power. It's a shame the Ferrari V8 stopped sounding great with the introduction of 430. They still sound cool but nothing like the 355/360.

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DJMadMax  9m ago @FastestLaps

But then there was also the superior Honda NSX with only 280 horsepowers and a way lower price tag :)

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dr. cosimo  9m ago @DJMadMax

superior ? a honduh ? like the new one ? lolololololol

just because it was accord like reliable and friendly it doesn't mean it's superior.

and the lower price tag was there for a reason, cheap brakes, cheap suspension, cheap engine with 280 hp and a cheap design that started to look dated by end of the 90's, while the f355 with its timeless design remains beautiful till this day. let us not bring up the lexsux lfailed, because that thing is just way too ugly and hardly could leave the dealers showroom and being overrated and overhyped all thanks to the fukcboys online to begin with lol.



jap version of the el camino


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aaayy  9m ago @dr. cosimo

Gonna point out the NSX won't kill you with fire and have you burn alive while trapped in the driver's seat. Also, top speed on the F355 was redline restricted to 170, while the 1997-2005 NSX's could hit 173 and 1991-1996 NSX's could hit 168. The engine was hardly cheap, it was all-aluminum with titanium con rods and forged pistons (like racecars of the day) and with a screaming 8300 rpm redline. The chassis was an all-aluminum monocoque, something that The F355 couldn't claim because it was made partially from steel! The suspension wasn't cheap at all, because it was double-wishbone front and rear with forged control arms. In addition, suspension was tuned by Ayrton Senna, and gave F1-like handling. So, I'm pretty sure the NSX was probably the better car than the NSX.

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aaayy  9m ago @aaayy

Oh, and a 2002 NSX-R did the 'Ring in 7:56, or 22 seconds faster than this F355, and equal to the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, a much better car than the F355, especially with the Koenig Specials twin-turbo kit :)

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Cocobe  9m ago @aaayy

A broken supercar is a slow supercar. The NSX was able to be driven daily, would start every time. The 355... haha. Ferrari owners need to pay homage to the NSX, because it’s what pushed Ferrari and all other supercar brands to rethink their reliability and that it’s no excuse even if you are a supercar, it’s embarrassing if your car breaks down by simply sitting there.

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dr. cosimo  9m ago @aaayy

engine was cheap just like the lfailed claiming it has titanmium parts, one hardly produced 280, while the other one hardly saw low 400s to the wheels and that's with what they were selling the public, lightweight fake parts lolololol

ayrton senna was a marketing tool to help sell this accord coupe, he never did any r&d on this car, they dragged him to for couple of videos and have you visit the nearest honduh showroom to place an order, it didn't do well and went bust like the toyoyoyo poopra lol

the ring lap time was a factory car with tuned suspension, in other words, different setup from consumers car, what else is new here ? same shit as the lfailed when they fitted a roll cage and announced their lap time and got destroyed by the gtr lol.

and the new one is another failed project, only jdm fanboys piss their pants whenever they see one, and we happen to have two grown up girls here that will scream and point at one at every occasion with their braces lolololol

the typical dip shit saxy talk, keep on dreaming with your jdm tyte shit yo

keep on dreaming you pathetic boy and your jdm wet dreams

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aaayy  9m ago @dr. cosimo

It wasn't a factory car, it was a customer car, I saw the vid, Aryton Senna did indeed do R&D on the NSX and helped with suspension development. So yes, the car did have tuned suspension, it was tuned by Ayrton Senna. The Lexus LFA was ARGUABLY beaten by the GT-R. As a guy who kind of likes GT-Rs (but likes V10s more ) it pains me to say this, but I think that they were using a factory car with tuned suspension. 7:19 seems a bit optimistic compared to cars designed for the racetrack, such as Porsche's also tuned GT2 RS from the 997 generation. The engine was hardly cheap, mainly because you said above "just because it's reliable and friendly". Of course the LFA was putting out lower numbers at the wheels because their is a 15% drivetrain loss, or minus 81 horsepower from 552. or 471 hp at the wheels.Also, 8 not sold is less than 2 percent of total production, and most are being used by dealerships as decorations.