2 Ferrari F355 have old but important Nürburgring lap time

Cover for Ferrari F355 have old but important Nürburgring lap time

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta have Nürburgring lap time 8:18 minute. This was Sport auto magazine supertest from year 1997. This was Sport auto supertest 06/1997. Test driver was Horst von Saurma. Ferrari F355 is fast and beutifull classic supercar.

Here is lap time: https://web.archive.org/web/20141101055922/http://www.sportauto.de/supertest/supertest-analyse-2-die-entwicklung-von-ferrari-8440664.html

Please added this lap time from this great classic Ferrari.

3w ago by honzakoubek
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Ferrari1  3w ago

nice car!


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FastestLaps  3w ago

One of the nicest sounding V8s in history! Massive leap in performance at the time, and I could imagine how in 1998 one could not possibly think of any way to improve this car and squeeze out more power from 3.5 liter engine. But here we are today with things like Ferrari 458 or 812 which produce ridiculous power. It's a shame the Ferrari V8 stopped sounding great with the introduction of 430. They still sound cool but nothing like the 355/360.