29 Ferrari is developing an all-electric supercar.

Cover for Ferrari is developing an all-electric supercar.

Ferrari, according to carbuzz.com, is developing an all-electric supercar. This is according to a patent filed by Ferrari S.p.A. for a “motor vehicle comprising an electric axle”.

The patent basically describes that there are four electric motors driving four wheels, with each motor being independent from one another, granting this car torque vectoring on all four wheels.

A four wheel drive electric Ferrari. Enzo is rolling in his grave. Of course, this design does allow for four-wheel torque vectoring, which is very impressive, like the Acura NSX’s front wheels.

In Ferrari’s design, it is mentioned that it can also accommodate a hybrid setup, but this design seems more oriented for an all-electric setup.





9m ago by aaayy
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SpeedKing  8m ago

While Ferrari may be developing an electric supercar the good news is that ICE cars aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Here's an excellent explanation by Jason from Engineering Explained as to why they'll be around for decades...


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FastestLaps  9m ago

We didn’t time the Huracán Evo at Lamborghini’s request

Lamborghini trying to be Ferrari.


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FastestLaps  9m ago

Here is a more interesting patent application I found:

US Patent No 15473769-345-2020: "A formula for calculating ownership worthiness based on Instagram followers, previous cars purchased, facial and bodily aesthetics and dress code." - describes a non-degenerate, billinear mathematical formula used for calculating "worthiness score" - an n-dimensional embedding over a manifold crossection in Minkowski space, discretely describing whether or not a person is worthy of purchasing and standing in line for delivery of the latest Ferrari car.

I believe they have applied for something similar which calculates whether or not a journalist (or any car reviewer) is worthy of reviewing and/or criticizing a Ferrari car. I believe the math is even more complicated there.

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FastestLaps  9m ago

Wow, they are patenting having 4 wheels and 4 motors. Mind blown.