34 Formula 1 and MotoGP returns for 2021 season

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Formula 1 is back for a 23 race season, starting today with Bahrain Grand Prix free practice and continuing throughout summer, fall and early winter.

This will be first season fully planned to comply with various covid restrictions and we will not see same track used for two consecutive weekends like we did last year, when there was real danger of not being able to host races in multiple jurisdictions due to proliferating lockdowns.

2021 season will also feature brand new Grand Prix location - Saudi Arabia. It will be first for the kingdom to host a Formula 1 race and it will be first for the Formula 1 cars to race on a brand new street circuit in Jeddah - city I know about only because of the ambitious Kingdom Tower project - worlds tallest skyscraper currently under construction.

MotoGP season 2021 will also start this week, with first two races over two consecutive weekends held at Losail International Circuit in Qatar.

Both Formula 1 and MotoGP will not have significant regulation changes this year compared to last. Notable change in Formula 1 is McLaren returning to Mercedes engines.

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dr. cosimo   1w ago



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Kingofkingr  3w ago

F1 should be with v12


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benedekpuskas  1m ago

Modern F1 cars are so boring compared to F1 cars 15 years ago...


Edit: If once aliens came to our planet and asked that what's the best thing we ever created, I would show them a V10 Formula-1 car :D

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Cauf40f50  1m ago

This year's season looks pretty good starting with the awesome battle with ham and verstappen tbh

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CarCritic  1m ago

What I'd love is for the new teams (Alpine and Aston Martin) to smash the competition and shake things up a little.

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DodgeHEMI426  1m ago

Could be a great season - war between Hamilton and Verstappen and what I suppose will be even better: The war between the midfield teams!

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196ss  1m ago

Again Mercedes...
Again Hamilton...

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SpeedKing  2m ago

"ambitious Kingdom Tower project - worlds tallest skyscraper currently under construction." Very ambitious given that nothing has happened in 3 years..


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benedekpuskas  2m ago

I feel like this is going to be a great season.