37 Formula 1 takes revenge on LMP1 Porsche 919

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During the qualifying session for 2018 Belgian Grand Prix, two Formula 1 teams managed to beat the absolute track record for Spa Francorchamps.

The record of 1:41.77 was previously held by Porsche 919 EVO - unrestricted Le Mans LMP1 class endurance racer. It was narrowly beaten by Ferrari SF71H (1:41.5) and Mercedes W09 (1:41.55).

The 0.2 second margin is small enough to make it compelling for Porsche to come back and try again.

Given the unrestricted nature of the 919 EVO, it is entirely possible for Porsche to find extra 0.3 seconds and make the headlines for one more round, essentially doubling the news media impact of their 919 EVO project.

4y ago by FastestLaps
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road car racer  4y ago

f1 n lmp can lick balls, the real kings are street cars, vehicles that anybody can own and drive, aka real world vehicles, not a shell and engine which are mostly irrelevant to their road going counterparts.

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John Doe  4y ago

In the end, A Lion(F1) doesn't concern himself with the opinion of a sheep...
F1 is still the queen of motorsport!

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DrDuke  4y ago

Another thing to think about: the F1 car was setup for race during the qualification - good for 20+ laps on one set of tires. The 919 meanwhile was on a hotlap or qualification setup.

To sum it up: the engine quali mode was not used by the f1 cars, they weren't on a quali setup and they didn't use the softest tires (supersoft is third softest). With the same preconditions the gap would be remarkably bigger.

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DrDuke  4y ago

Just some terms explained:
Official lap record: fastest lap driven in a race.
Qualification lap record: fastest lap driven in qualification.

These two kinds of records can only be obtained during an official race weekend. There needs to be an authority who checks the car for rule compliance.

Every other lap record is an unofficial. Because there was no "official" to check the car.

Rounding seems not your strength - .770-.501=.269->0.3

Highly unlikely that Porsche will return to Spa with the 919. The last time they had to remove everything not necessary to run the car to achieve the record. This is the reason why there is no onboard video.

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JRE  4y ago

Q2 is the keyword, looking back Q3 in every gran Prix, pretty sure pole lap would easily crack 1'41 had Q3 been dry

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vmax  4y ago

it would have been even faster if Q3 was dry

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BR2+  4y ago

What we really need, Is an F0, Closed cockpit, downforce that puts F1 to shame, And accelreation like a Funny car, Unrestricted, Almost, zbut with little restrictions, or just make thhat RedBull X1 a series..