8 Gordon Murray to launch McLaren F1 successor in 2022

Cover for Gordon Murray to launch McLaren F1 successor in 2022

Legendary designer Gordon Murray who created the Mclaren F1 has unveiled an all-new €2.5 million three seat lightweight hypercar that, he believes, will beat all rivals including the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes AMG One.

This car, dubbed "T50", will be made in a batch of 100 units over a calendar year by Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA). It will be all-carbon rear wheel drive design, just under 4.4 meters long - slightly longer than the 1993 Mclaren F1 but shorter in length than a 911.

The T50 will be remarkably light at 980kg. This undercuts the Mclaren F1 by 120kg and beats the current supercars by 400kg to 600kg. It will be powered by a lightweight compact Cosworth 3.4 liter naturally aspirated v12 engine with highest maximum revolutions for any road engine - over 12000 rpm. The transmission will be classic six-speed manual built by Xtrac.

More info at Race Department.

1y ago by tyler
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FastestLaps  1y ago

Cash grab. Murray as car designer/engineer is over-hyped to death thanks to people like Jay Leno. And he knows it and wants to cash in on the hype.

McLaren F1 already had a successor - the McLaren P1. McLaren Speedtail won't be F1 successor, Senna is not F1 successor. Neither will be this Gordon Murray thing. End of story.

Hopefully, by 2022 this supercar bubble will be burst and I won't care if he doesn't sell a single car. These small supercar makers can only exist in Uber/Tesla like market conditions when money grows on trees and cars cost as much as small villages.


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tyler  1y ago

I'm far more interested in the T.43 if it's ever created. Murray says it's going to be priced around 40,000 British pounds, $53,000 U.S. which sounds like total bullshit.

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John Doe  1y ago

Yup, You can't beat the classic!
McLaren F1 is a unique car that made a history.
Not this show off thing.

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George of Damnbridge  1y ago @John Doe

You mean the one with Vanos by BMW ?

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aaayyy  1y ago

The car's a nice idea, sure, but it won't work in today's world of electric cars and safety features. The downforce thing WILL NOT be allowed on public roads or on the racetrack (look up Chapparal 2J and Brabham BT46B) A V12 powered car with a manual transmission sound nice, but in today's world of 1900 horsepower Rimacs doing 0-60 in 1.85 seconds and hybrid Aston Martin's that look like F1 cars, it'll be old news as soon as it comes out. Under 980 kilos? Bull! The only way you're getting weight that low is by not putting in air bags or safety devices of any kind, and although the 12000 rpm engine sounds cool and must sound amazing, at 12000 rpm it's probably gonna need repairs soon. And if it's smaller than a 911, you'd need to be really small to get in. I don't hate the car, it's actually pretty cool, but I don't think it'll ever see the light of day.

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aaayyy  1y ago @aaayyy

About this, why hasn't anyone talked about the 2020 GT500 yet? I know I sound obsessed, but they released power figures and top speed, so it should be eligible for a entry on the website.

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B to the H  10m ago

Uh besides designing the most dominate f1car ever what else has he done?? Oh yeah designed one of the best supercars of all time.... Totally over rated.

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FastestLaps  10m ago @B to the H

Doesn't mean everything he touches is gold. It's the same with people like Jony Ive - made out to be some kind of genius while there are probably thousand industrial designers like him, completely unknown, coming from non-privileged backgrounds and countries, who would do just as good as job as him.