9 Greatest sports saloon of all time

What is the greatest super saloon of all time?

Lotus Carlton
BMW M5 (E34)
BMW M5 (E39)
BMW M5 (E60)
BMW M3 (E92)
Jaguar XF-R

For the greatest impact it had in it's day and the legendary status it still has, I still go for the old Lotus Carlton! -but for most accomplished on road AND track, probably the current M3...

14y ago by Bezza
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ZondaMan7.3  9y ago

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BumRush  14y ago

Maserati Quattroporte S Sport GTS

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supercharger  14y ago

the m3 e92 is not a sedan it's a coupe big mistake their who ever started this thread well they shuld edit it and put the m3 as m3 e90 the m3 e90 is a sedan and their is alot of good sedan's that got left out on that list for example their's no rs6 or e63 on the list in my opinion the best sedan is the cts-v.

This is to help people with their class field's;

sport sedan;----3series/c-class/a4
mid-size sedan;-5series/e-class/a6
luxury sedan;---7series/s-class/a8

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dent_dna  14y ago

E30 is definitely the best saloon car ever.
For this list I would have to go with E39.

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Georg  14y ago

again this list missing some important cars...

My vote for best sport saloon would have gone to the

Mercedes 190E 2.5l-16V Evo II

No other than Senna himself was part of the Mercedes 190E development.... Senna won his first race at the new Nürburgring GP track in a 190E... vs guys like Klaus Ludwig(several time DTM champion) and Alain Prost and other highly skilled driver.. yes with unfair tactics like kicking Prost´s 190E in the rear and of the track... but Senna was alowed to play dirty tricks during racing... not like Michael Schumacher who was blamed badly in the english press for doing the same tricks

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FastestLaps  14y ago

I went for the E39 M5. It's the iconic M5 and for me it's the original M5. For a long time I din't even knew there was E34 M5 at all.


Bezz, when you have a poll idea you can also post it in "Fastestlaps.com quick-vote ideas" thread so that it can be some day used as quick-vote in the main site. The obvious advantage of the quickvote is that 10 times more poeple will vote (unlike the elite few who are registered and able to vote in forum)

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Bezza  14y ago

I may have boobed by excluding the last generation Audi RS4, but I've gone for a selection of cars that generally won their class road tests in their day. This means the M5 predominately. The RS4 was beaten by the E92 M3 on the Top gear road test and in EVO mag (just) so I didn't include it. I included the C63 because it's given the latest M3 a real run for it's money. The Jag is in there because all the current mags have placed it above the current M5 and AMG E63. As for Cadillacs, until a European mag tests one against the euro competition, it can't be in a poll like this!

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427  14y ago

The E92 definetly, but where's the Cortina? :?:

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venom  14y ago

thats a tough one.. but why no cts-v? cant forget the audi rs series either...