6 Greta Thunberg admits to loopholes in COP26 impact

Cover for Greta Thunberg admits to loopholes in COP26 impact

(Evening Standard)

According to a report published by BBC News, climate activist Greta Thunberg has admitted that there will be "loopholes" in the COP26 pact that is supposed to make nations comply with strict carbon-neutral standards. The zero emissions policies are what Greta states as, "blah blah blah," and Toyota basically joined in with Greta on saying no one is ready for the imposed laws for 2035 to 2050.


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hostboy  1w ago


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FastestLaps  2w ago

Every time I floor my 400k km old diesel car the black smoke and soot is so intense I can literally hear icebergs breaking in Greenland.

I think me and my old car are some of the main causes for all the climate problems. If they really want to get serious about fighting climate change, they should first fight me.


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SpeedKing  2w ago

Your car should be crushed!


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SheblyGT500  3d ago

Not to mention California is making their own laws on carbon emissions. And they want all electric by 2035. I see a few problems with that.
1. What if you drive to visit in a gas powered car, will they just take it away and leave you without a car.
2, it will be hard to make people with gas powered cars to switch, sure some will but some wont want to switch.
3. Some car dealers might not like that and could leave California, which can impact jobs and the economy.
4. Electric cars are almost silent, if you cross the street it will be hard to hear it coming so you can get out of the way. With gas cars it is easier to hear the coming.

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hostboy  3d ago @SheblyGT500

Based and redpilled, mate.

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Shwingbob  3d ago @SheblyGT500

Whenever I'm biking its very useful to hear cars but with electric cars being quiet and there drivers being stupid it becomes more dangerous