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Kimi Raikkonen won the 2018 Italian Grand Prix qualifying and set a new track record (1:19.112) for the legendary Monza circuit.

Previous record (1:19.525) was set by Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya, in a practice session preceding qualifying for the 2004 Italian Grand Prix.

2004 was when Formula 1 cars were allowed wide tyres and wings, and engines were less restricted and often revved to destruction in cloud of white smoke and flame. Today F1 powertrains are more refined and rely on turbocharging and electric power to boost the overall output.

It is worth noting that Sebastian Vettel (1:19.280) and Lewis Hamilton (1:19.294) also managed to beat the long standing record, and both Ferraris will start the home race tomorrow from front row.

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BR2+  8m ago

Thas a good lookin pic up there, Id love to see one of thise get made road legal, see how that would look

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saxy  8m ago

It’s crazy how the old record stood so long, but I guess it’s cuz there’s so much full throttle that half of the lap they won’t have the hybrid power, only for exits of corners and beginnings of long straights.