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427  13y ago

Audi R8 definetly. Most livable and 2nd best looking in my mind. (8C is just too good)

The new V10 also puts it up against the Corvette Z06, and (now) the Bentley Continental Supersports.

Great car.

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BumRush  13y ago

A tough choice indeed.

I cant be (TOO) sure.

the R8 is a really nice car and quite good looking but i personally think its underpowered...but now they have the V10:)

The DBS...(Drool) is such a Beautiful car, its incredible. definetly over the R8.

I feel the same over the 8C..(Drool)

The Ford GT, personally i think its a lil too low for my particular tastes (44inches) and really the only thing that ruins it for me are those damned ClamShell doors. personally i want to be able to get into a car without worrying if my head is gonna be cut awesome nonetheless

ZR1. Like Jeremy Clarkson says.. A MasterPiece. it could use some R-components though, and im not too sure about that $60,000 quart of paint!!

The Scud is very pretty, but too track orientated for me, but nonetheless, ide take it. (Hell Yeah)

The LP560-4, Umm i think ill wait for the Superleggera version too come out:)Spyders not bad though.

The GT-R, well its the most pratical, prolly the most interesting looking of the bunch. dissapointed in the Spec-V, but nonetheless an awesome car.

The GT2. id only take this car if i had a lil while to live, i mean its gonna kill you who am i kiddin, gimme the keys

The Black Series, all i can say is wow, what an incredibly georgeous looking car, just wow. i just hpe that mB's Black Devision will head over to the SLR and CL65 cars soon!!

but i cant decide which one id take more. dude youve prolly made the worlds toughest desission, shame on youlol

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supercharger  13y ago

to have fun at the track and on the best driving roads in the world i would choose the corvette zr1 or the porsche 911 gt2.

To have at the track or on windy mountain roads and other great driving roads.To be a show off while driving it around on public roads i would choose the ferrari 430 scuderia or the Aston martin DBS.

I would not choose the GTR because its way to incontrol and not that fun to drive.

I wont take the SL65 AMG Black because its way to havy for a fast car.

overall speaking i would have the corvette ZR1 cause it just whups all these cars wether you can accept it or not.

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yanster  13y ago

definitely take the dbs because it's so sexy. but there alot of factors to me that would dictate which one i would take. conditions in pearticular. bad weather, and it would be between the gallardo and the r8. if this weekend were near a race track, it would be either the zr1, scuderia or the gt2. in the likely event that i would just be cruising around, though, it would have to be the dbs.

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A156  13y ago

Gallardo for me please!!! :lol: I would have taken the GTR if it was for a lifetime (because of the back seats!). Scuderia looks too hardcore for my skills and GT2 also.

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RocketPunch  13y ago

Ferrari F430 Scuderia

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venom  13y ago

that is a tough one! either the gt2 gallardo or scuderia or zr1 or 8c. the gt2 terrifies unlike any other, and really stands out compared to a normal carrera. the gallardo barks at unsuspecting bistanders then has the huge traction to get away quick, the scuderia has its racy feeling gearbox paired with that vicious v8 and huge tire spin or f1 traction control saving your life, the zr1 is easily distinguished from any vette with its STRIKING body kit, a z06 or especially a c6 would just look out of place. the most smoke and american muscle furiously thrusting you forward with that grinding note comes with the fxx brakes up front and enzo in rear. the 8c is another loud head turner with great brakes but not exactly the massive stick of a gt2 or zr1. i guess the 8c could be taken out but besides that flip a 4 sided coin. all loud and incredibly fun filled with soul and passion, thank you for not including that god-awful OVERRATED gt-r "supercar". at least some of us get where the big names get their big names.... as i wrote this i noticed its name, im dissapointed with nissan making a souless shadow of a car and falsely adverstising its performance by starting the "ring wars" taking the most perfect lap possible and still not beating a 5 year production porsche on run-flats. they are true sports cars, the merc is a bit disconnected from the driver but still the most amazing showcase of engineering, not good for a weekend, need to stand back far to take these in. and.. i forgot the gt, doesn't let up till 212 and puts the power down very well with its engine placement. neck pulling acceleration and most growly exhaust, this whole thing comes down to whichever one you've seen recently to me. they all blow you away at just a glance and run unlike anything else on the planet. after all this i still can't decide.... i bet these car guys that can "only" afford one are pissed that they will miss out on all the others. if i had bill gates funds my garage would dwarf the 900k house im living in right now

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wert718  13y ago

This poll has been running for a week now. Thanks to all of you for voting!


Audi R8----------------0
Aston Martin DBS---------0
Alfa Romeo 8C-----------1
Ford GT----------------1
Chevy Corvette ZR1-------2
Ferrari F430 Scuderia------0
Lamborghini Gallardo-----1
Nissan GT-R------------0
Porsche 911 GT2---------4
Mercedes SL65 AMG Black--1

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Exorcet  13y ago

It's close between the Scuderia and the ZR1, but in the end I'd go with the Chevy. The torquey V-8 combined with the chassis makes that car hard to top.

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Anonymous  13y ago

I really love the Corvette ZR1's bullet-fast performance, but on the street, it looks just like any Corvette to me. Sure, its got that viewing port on the hood to see the engine, but it's not very noticeable to a casual viewer. The Ford GT40, however, has the striking good looks of a supercar with the performance to match. So much as I love the GT2, SL65 Black, and the ZR1, it's Ford GT for me.

Have fun,

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PhantomPorsche  13y ago

An Alfa Romeo for me! Porsche GT2 is to boring. SL65 Black is in automatic. Aston Martin is not as good looking as the Alfa. It just seems like the clear choice for me even though its handling is not good.

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Georg  13y ago

I would definitely take the SL65 AMG BlackSeries! I bet you don't see SL65 AMG BS around each and every corner :D

thats not but you see lots of other SL same with a 911... here they are no eyecatcher. I was at saturday in Frankfurt am Main (big city next to my hometown) within 3 hours I saw ~50 911... no one turns a head for one... but a single Gallardo/Aston Martin get all the attention.

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FastestLaps  13y ago

I would definitely take the SL65 AMG BlackSeries!

Porsche/Mercedes are nothing special here you see them at each corner

I bet you don't see SL65 AMG BS around each and every corner :D

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Georg  13y ago

if it is only for one weekend I take the Gallardo, Porsche/Mercedes are nothing special here you see them at each corner, for the thrills the Gallardo.