16 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Top Speed?

This is my calculation. Using 3.200 final drive ratio, in 5th gear, the engine produces 11,193 Newtons of force; 2,075 N rolling resistance; 9,118 N air resistance but @12,131 rpm; 170.24 m/s; 380.82 mph; 612.74 kph which is ridiculous. In 6th gear, the engine exerts 8,828 Newtons of force; 1,663 N rolling resistance; 7,165 N air resistance @8,482 rpm; 150.91 m/s; 337.58 mph; 543.17 kph, just about right since it redlines @8,500 rpm.

11,193 N = 2,075 N + 9,118 N @12,131 rpm 5th gear

8,828 N = 1,663 N + 7,165 N @ 8,482 rpm 6th gear

However, using ChironSS’ 3.364 final drive, in 5th gear, the engine produces 11,767 N of force; 2,186 N rolling resistance; 9,582 N air resistance but @13,073 rpm; 174.51 m/s; 390.37 mph; 628.11 kph which is not plausible. In 6th gear, the engine has 9,281 N of force; 1,742 N rolling resistance; 7,538 N air resistance but @9,146 rpm, which is still above the rev limit. However, since it has enough oomph but it’s gear limited, it can achieve a top speed of 321.82 mph; 143.87 m/s; 517.81 kph @8,500 rpm —redline. Whether it’s 337.58 mph or 321.82 mph depends on the final drive. We’ll see.

11,767 N = 2,186 N + 9,582 N @13,073 rpm 5th gear

9,281 N = 1,742 N + 7,538 N @9,146 rpm 6th gear

8,039 N = 1,527 N + 6,512 N @8,500 rpm 6th gear


6m ago by NatsM
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NatsM  5m ago

I've made several different versions of equations, some with tire pressure in mind, different Cr or coefficient of rolling resistance equations (I've been using something like 7 total or so instead of the standard and often used 0.015) and other factors. Admittedly, I've made some relatively small errors because of the many conversions I had to do — English or Imperial system to Metric, or vice versa. Anyway, for now, I'm sticking to these equations, including the Cr formula which seems to be the most reasonable. What I do know for sure is that the Cr or coefficient of rolling resistance is not really a fixed number like 0.010 or 0.015, and what I've been reading in a lot of engineering journals that the number, say, 0.015 is true only at ordinary highway speeds for ordinary cars. But at about 75 mph, it begins to change to a higher one, and at about 150 mph, it increases significantly and at the same time the tire pressure increases by about 7.5 psi at 150 mph. As I said and posted before, I have like about 7 different equations regarding the Cr. I've tried incorporating each and every one of them, some reasonable, some dubious, possible because some equations were quoted as only accurate to a certain high speed. Beyond that, no can do. However, one seems to stand out — whether it's 50 mph or 300 mph. And that's where I'm sticking for now. That Cr equation is
Cr = 0.0135 + 0.000000129S^2 in which S is in mph. You see, even at 300 mph, the Cr only amounts to 0.025. Anyway, I made another video on YouTube using my versions of "known equations" — I just modified, converted and transformed them into forms that suit me. You guys may want to check it out. By the way, you'll notice that in many calculations involving top speed, whether on YouTube or others, they all seem to leave out the rolling resistance part, only the well-known air resistance which will not be accurate. It has always been the problem child for many. The rolling resistance part may be negligible or almost insignificant at low or ordinary highway speeds like 30, 50 or even 70 mph. But when the speed is like 200 plus or 300 plus, it does make a difference. Just saying. Anyway, here's the site:

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NatsM  6m ago

I just noticed I wrote 5th and 6th when I meant 8th and 9th gear. Corrected here.


Rolling radius - 257 mm
Air density = 1.204 kg/m^3
Final drive = 3.45
9th gear = 0.6566 redlines @8,500 rpm, @313.80 mph
8th gear = 0.8325 redlines @8,500 rpm, @247.49 mph

v Cr

147.52 0.101
158.64 0.115
156.41 0.112
156.89 0.113
156.73 0.113
156.73 0.113

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TypeF173  6m ago

LOL! That's not "MY" final drive ratio. It's sourced!

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196ss  6m ago

Final drive for Jesko is 3.45.
Speed at top gear at 8500 is 318 mph.