13 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Top Speed?

This is my calculation. Using 3.200 final drive ratio, in 5th gear, the engine produces 11,193 Newtons of force; 2,075 N rolling resistance; 9,118 N air resistance but @12,131 rpm; 170.24 m/s; 380.82 mph; 612.74 kph which is ridiculous. In 6th gear, the engine exerts 8,828 Newtons of force; 1,663 N rolling resistance; 7,165 N air resistance @8,482 rpm; 150.91 m/s; 337.58 mph; 543.17 kph, just about right since it redlines @8,500 rpm.

11,193 N = 2,075 N + 9,118 N @12,131 rpm 5th gear

8,828 N = 1,663 N + 7,165 N @ 8,482 rpm 6th gear

However, using ChironSS’ 3.364 final drive, in 5th gear, the engine produces 11,767 N of force; 2,186 N rolling resistance; 9,582 N air resistance but @13,073 rpm; 174.51 m/s; 390.37 mph; 628.11 kph which is not plausible. In 6th gear, the engine has 9,281 N of force; 1,742 N rolling resistance; 7,538 N air resistance but @9,146 rpm, which is still above the rev limit. However, since it has enough oomph but it’s gear limited, it can achieve a top speed of 321.82 mph; 143.87 m/s; 517.81 kph @8,500 rpm —redline. Whether it’s 337.58 mph or 321.82 mph depends on the final drive. We’ll see.

11,767 N = 2,186 N + 9,582 N @13,073 rpm 5th gear

9,281 N = 1,742 N + 7,538 N @9,146 rpm 6th gear

8,039 N = 1,527 N + 6,512 N @8,500 rpm 6th gear


3w ago by NatsM
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NatsM  2w ago

I just noticed I wrote 5th and 6th when I meant 8th and 9th gear. Corrected here.


Rolling radius - 257 mm
Air density = 1.204 kg/m^3
Final drive = 3.45
9th gear = 0.6566 redlines @8,500 rpm, @313.80 mph
8th gear = 0.8325 redlines @8,500 rpm, @247.49 mph

v Cr

147.52 0.101
158.64 0.115
156.41 0.112
156.89 0.113
156.73 0.113
156.73 0.113


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ChironSS  2w ago

So, you're saying 314MPH instead of 318MPH? Because, at this the rate those speeds are tumbling, (depending on final drive ratios) they are going to struggle to get a 500km/h two way average. Oo

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NatsM  2d ago @ChironSS

v= 0.00010472ERr/AG
S= 0.00023425ERr/AG

All I'm saying is these 2 equations cannot be cheated, much like 2 times 3, in any form or format, can only be 6. You change the 6 to 4 or 5 whatever, you have to change either the 2 or the 3 or both, right?


v = velocity in meters per second
S = speed in miles per hour
E = rpm
Rr = rolling radius. or just plain radius of tire in millimeters
A = axle ratio or final drive
G = gear ratio

Now; regarding the car Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut, assuming the specs and parameters are what they are — IF the car can really go as fast as say 320, 330, 340 or 350 whatever, you have to change either the size of the tire or rim from 21 inches to maybe 22 inches; the rev limit from 8,500 rpm to say 9,000 rpm; the final drive from 3.45 to a low say 3.2 or whatever; or the gear ratio. Any combination and they are limitless! Makes sense? Even if the car has the horsepower to go at those "other" speeds, if the gearing is there to stop it, limiting the redline, what do you think will happen?

As I said, if the car can go faster than our computation, not that it's really not possible, the Koenigsegg team or whoever else will have to change their published specs and parameters which includes the actual air density, yadi yadi yada. And when that happens, on the day of their test run, they will then say oh, we changed the gears from this to that, the frontal area or drag coefficient, the downforce, or even the real or actual HORSEPOWER that car makers are fond of either underrating or overrating. Makes sense? Btw, I replaced my video using my previous equations: https://youtu.be/HcvFSB9P6X0

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ChironSS  3w ago

LOL! That's not "MY" final drive ratio. It's sourced!


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NatsM  3w ago

LOL, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. Yeah, I read your post that you got it from a source, but I just tried to use it for reference aside from this website, automobile-catalog.com which gave the figure 3.2. Frankly, it seemed a bit tall that's why the top speed is that high. I meant the 3.2.

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ChironSS  5d ago @NatsM

NatsM can you calculate acceleration figures? Or, not?

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Corvolet3  5d ago @ChironSS

0-100: fast
0-160: very fast
0-200: super fast
0-250: ultra fast
0-300: bye bye Porsche
0-400: bye bye Bugatti

hope this helps

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ChironSS  5d ago @Corvolet3

It'll help Mate Rimac! LOL!

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Lambolover  4d ago @Corvolet3

Porsche will go bye bye at 250 and the bug will go bye bye at 320-330 unless it's a 300+ or something

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NatsM  2d ago @ChironSS

As I have said before sometime ago when I joined in, I'm more into or interested only in top speed, not acceleration. I just rely on known basic equations you learned from school or others. Like...
v = u + at
v² = u² + 2as
s = ut + ½at²
a = Vf - Vi/t

Or on sites like http://www.stealth316.com/2-calc-hp-et-mph.htm

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196ss  3w ago

Final drive for Jesko is 3.45.
Speed at top gear at 8500 is 318 mph.