7 Mercedes claim 4-door Nürburgring lap record

Cover for Mercedes claim 4-door Nürburgring lap record

Mercedes-Benz have released onboard video showing their new 4-door "Panamera killer" AMG GT 63 S lap the Ring in 7 minutes and 25.4 seconds.

Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari F12 and Pagani Zonda F are some of the automotive royalties beaten by this large and heavy 4-door, showing just how much lap times depend on tyre grip that modern tyres provide, as well as high power and torque-rich turbo engine with efficient transmission.


Full list of Nürburgring lap times here.

10m ago by FastestLaps
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Tupadre  9m ago

Marketing, If a Profesional driver takes the CGT or F12 with the tormak like today and the slicky tyres of Michelin or Pirelli he can distroy this time.


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BR2+  9m ago

Has nothing to even do with this..

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FastestLaps  9m ago

I agree.

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Hans  9m ago

We have to wait for the Sport auto test and pull out the average.

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Tupadre  9m ago @BR2+

The grip on a circuit is the decisive factor to make a good time. But if you prefeer belive this marketing it is your problem not mine, i obly try to explain this ;)

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BR2+  9m ago @Tupadre

...Pretty sure the Ring is a circuit...So, What you said is Pretty much meaningless, Plus i dont even count ring times fir comparisons, Fact is your talking about tuned supercars vs the GT63S. Grip is one thing that decides a fast lap.

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vasile  9m ago

the jaguar xe sv8 is the fastest 4 door car, 7:21.