14 Mid-Engine Corvette C8: Our Best Look At Production Front Fascia

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Mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette C8 may be delayed, but it has not stopped GM from continuing to test the model.

Latest spy shots partially reveal production-ready front fascia and headlights. The headlight cluster sports LED daytime running lights which can turn amber when the turn signal indicator is enabled.

At the back, C8 prototype sports dual/quad tail-lights, somewhat similar to C7 and a "bat-wing" style spolier, which is less extreme than what we have seen in previous test mule iterations.




Full gallery here.

1m ago by tyler
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RotaryGirl88  3w ago

This car will be amazing. I love Corvettes! All the Chevrolet and Corvette hate is ridiculous. You may think Ferrari is better but try factoring in reliability and Chevrolet easily come out on top. Also whatever extra performance stock the best Ferrari has can be made up for thru tuning on the Vette. I also like Ferrari too but seeing the Corvette hate was irksome. Also, after having reviewed the racing history of Chevrolet and Ferrari on 'racingsportscars.com' they both are mostly even in overall victories and class wins.

I'm sure the new Vette will be a total track carving monster with the new MR layout. I'm assuming that they are aiming to cut down weight as stringently as possible as well. I'm excited to see the end result. Definitely something I'm going to keep myself posted on.

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Cocobe  1m ago

Why does it feel like a 458 after being butchered?

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tyler  1m ago

How do I add a slideshow to this piece?