27 Modified Porsche GT2 RS beats Nürburgring record

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Porsche 911 GT2 RS 991, modified by World Endurance Championship team and Porsche tuning house Manthey Racing, has lapped the Nürburgring in 6 minutes and 40.33 seconds.

The lightly modified RS managed to beat Lamborghini Aventador SVJ by 4.67 seconds, which, according to Porsche, makes it the "fastest street-legal car around Nürburgring Nordschleife".

The Manthey Racing upgrade package, which is available to any Porsche 911 GT2 RS owner in Europe, offers improvements in aerodynamics and chassis, leaving the Porsche engine in factory tune.

The 991 generation of Porsche 911 appears to be in it's late cycle of development and soon will be replaced with the brand new 992 platform. This, somewhat less relevant "modified-street" class record is probably be the last news for the 991.



2w ago by FastestLaps
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moegigo  2w ago

End of story!
I'm sure this car with the chassis settings will not work on the autobahn for example (negative camber / tyre abrasion)

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General Castilla  2w ago

so monkey racing that's on porkers payroll was asked to prove that their horse$hit beetle in stock form is faster than lambo without an increase in power or rubber ? lol

didn't the liars at porker actually cheat in the first place ? lolololololol

as if anyone is stupid enough to believe this new lap time at 700hp, on they dyno it showed 700!! what the hell is that supposed to mean ? lololol

meanwhile in germany: miss "merkel" piggy is leaving office and won't seek re-election, the nobama puppets are falling one by one :))


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farts  2w ago

gt2 rs smoked the lambullshiutini hahaha

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GTR275  2w ago

Modified and setup tailored one compare with stock one !!?? So funny

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Booo  2w ago

Modified yes, but modified in the same way a SVJ would be to do a lap record. Lambo isn't offering a Nurburgring special alignment and set up for the SVJ, but Manthey Racing, a Porsche owned company is doing so for the GT2 RS and other Porsches too. This is done with no power upgrades, just fine tuning

Nurburgring lap records has never been transparent enough to be a real yardstick for performance, but at least Porsche is being clear about what they're doing.


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Hans  2w ago

Porsche done nothing the manthey racing did the record.

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Art0   2w ago @Hans

According to autoexpress the only modification was related to car seat.


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General Castilla  2w ago @Art0



Manthey-Racing decided to improve the GT2 RS’ aero and suspension, plus add an additional distilled water tank, which sprays a mist onto the intercoolers to keep the car’s full 700 horserpower in working order.

if it weren't for the extra fish tank, they'd be dreaming to set a new record. it's another cheap way to make extra power, vw....das homo lol

and the cheating never stops :))

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General Castilla  2w ago @General Castilla

right out of the horses mouth

The MR Performance Kit for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, consisting of:

MR aerodynamic package MR coilover suspension MR magnesium wheelset MR Brake Pad Set MR Stahlflex brake lines MR additional water tank

they did not just flirt with the aero and suspension, the whole handling setup was replaced by an aftermarket one lol

stock my balls

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BR2+  2w ago @Art0

Apparently you didnt see the new spoiler and air dams...That isnt stock anymore, People need to stop saying it is when it isnt.

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farts  2w ago @General Castilla

gt2 rs smoked the lambullshitini svjscwiucwg hahaha

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Tyrone1  2w ago @farts

i know you are just trying to wind @general Castilla up, but you come off as a petty fanboy. The car is far from stock, end of story.

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BR2+  2w ago

Modified Porsche sets a lap...This really news worthy?..

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vorsord  2w ago

isn't this cheating in a way? because manthey racing is a porsche tuner right so this gt2rs isn't stock at all