13 Motorsport "Sports car of the Year" comparison

Cover for Motorsport "Sports car of the Year" comparison

The December / January issue of French Motorsport magazine published very track-focused 10 car group test - the "La Sportive 2019" annual sports/performance car comparison.

Each car was tested on two configurations of Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours - Grand Prix loop and Club circuit, however, some of the lap times were recycled from previous Motorsport issues. Motorsport also published 0-100 kph, 1/4 mile and 1 km acceleration times.

The undenyable darling of the test was Dallara Stradale, which, not only posted fastest lap times on both configurations, but also featured front and center in most of the group photos (by the way, Motorsport have a really good photographer) and stood out against ordinary proportioned cars like Focus ST or Megane with its incredibly low height, large wing and no-compromise race car physique.

3w ago by FastestLaps
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Diez  2w ago

Thank you @fastestlaps! For the article and for the photographer... Julien Diez, Editor in chief Motorsport

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BR2+  2w ago

.......I see a Focus....n a Renault.........id change that title..


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FastestLaps  2w ago

That Renault is a 80000 eur track queen with carbon fiber wheels.....

If anything is a sportscar this must be.

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1tr  2w ago

i see some kid who doesn't know a thing about cars, id shut up that mouth

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BR2+  1w ago @FastestLaps

Omg a big price n carbon wheels!!!!!! Lol, Surely thats all it takes to be a sportscar....But at the end of the day........

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BR2+  1w ago @1tr

Im betting you haven't ever been in the drivers seat before....

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FastestLaps  1w ago @BR2+

Carbon wheels is seriously hardcore. Few years back the only car that had them was Koenigsegg Agera. And a set of 4 cost the same as entry level family car.

I am not sure much has changed, in terms of pricing tbh...

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Cocobe  1w ago @FastestLaps

And I'm sure when you curb a carbon wheel badly, the result would be the same too. you'd likely have to replace it, unlike an alloy one.

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aaayy  6d ago @FastestLaps

For example, the Carbon Fiber track package on the Mustang GT500, that includes 4 carbon wheels, a splitter and a wing costs nearly $18K. For an option package. That’s a little less than 1/4 the cost of the ****ing car. Generally only SERIOUS track cars have carbon wheels, but I guess Ford brought me to the masses.

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BR2+  6d ago @aaayy

Theres like 6 cars in the world that have carbon wheels, Theres way more effective and Much cheaper ways to lose weight, Its a damn gimick

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BR2+  6d ago @FastestLaps

Hardcore? Maybe, but i believe the first car to offer them was the SSC Aero, Price has actually gone down, But that all depends on what kind and who your getting them from, I dont think it makes any car more focused then the other, Specially at price.