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First, using my own formulas and method then compared it to the standard method and formulas. These calculators are heaven sent. Before, solving equations manually are tedious and cumbersome. Instead of several minutes to solve a top speed equation, it only takes several seconds or less than half a minute using these calculators! Whew. It is just the inputting of constants and variables that takes time.

2021 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut

Hc = (0.00000556517pAfCdS^3+ 0.0026667CrSWt)/Pf

Pf = 5,252Hc/EpTp

Hc = Horsepower 1,602 (1,624 PS)
EP = 7,800 rpm
Tp = 1,106 lb-ft @5,100 rpm
p = 1.204 kg/m^3
Af = 20.24 sq ft
Cd = 0.278
S = 324.77 mph @42.5 psi
Wt = 3,064 (car); 165 (driver) = 3,229 lbs
Pf = 0.97530
Cr = 0.0969

Using the standard power equation Pn = [0.5pCdAV^2+ Cr(M+Df)g]V, with 0.90 drivetrain efficiency and 0.015 rolling coefficient, the top speed translates to 333.55 mph.

1,602745.70.90 = (0.51.2040.2781.88)V^3 + (0.0151,464*9.8067)V
1,075,150 = 0.314629V^3 + 215.355V
0.314629V^3 + 215.355V - 1,075,150 = 45 or almost zero.

Solving the polynomial, velocity turned out to be 149.11 meters per second, 333.55 mph, or 536.68 kph — assuming the specs and parameters are those used. Higher than 0.90 drivetrain efficiency such as 0.91 or 0.95 whatever will result to higher top speed than this and vice versa. Also, lower than 0.015 such as 0.014 or 0.010 whatever will also result to higher top speed and vice versa. Not to be ignored is the actual air density, maybe added downforce, etc. — they all needed to be considered. We'll see when Koenigsegg actually does the top speed run.

6m ago by NatsM
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lafars  6m ago

now you just needs to do the same with the SSC Tuatara and Venom F5

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BTICronox  6m ago

Hi again :D

Near Pahrump, rho won't be as high as 1.204kg/m^3 though. And how did you come to 1624PS when Koenigsegg communicates 1600? Otherwise a nice approach :)


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NatsM  6m ago

Isn't 1,602 mechanical horsepower equivalent to 1,624 metric horsepower or PS? Now, air density of 1.204 is used for reference and starting point, in case you didn't know. Now, show me your calculation in detail just like I did for comparison. Use whatever air density you want, the horsepower and torque and their rpms, frontal area, drag coefficient, the coefficient of rolling resistance, the works, and I will analyze. What is your calculated and theoretical top speed?

By the way, even Tuatara used 1.205 kg/m3 during their run when IN FACT I even stated on YouTube that it was more like 1.064 or something during the October 10th run based on https://www.timeanddate.com/ and https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/air-density

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BTICronox  6m ago @NatsM

As far as I remember, Koenigsegg officially always stated metric horses when in interviews, since Sweden uses the metric system. Was the case for every other car as well. I remember similar problems back then with the One:1 :D

Yes, I know 1.204 is the "reference" (worldwide average), however they're probably doing it in Pahrump again. That's why I threw it in :)

"Now, show me your calculation in detail just like I did for comparison."

Sorry, but not this time :D

In general, your calculation is correct, and we already had the discussion about rolling resistance (I would roughly estimate around 0.04 for 500kph+ reinforced tires, unfortunately there's no public formula backing it up yet, because niche), therefore no need for me to add another calculation. The main factor here will be the air density. However, we won't know reference results until they've done it. That's why I'd rather keep calm and enjoy the show for the moment :)

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ChironSS  6m ago @BTICronox

No no no, start a calculations War again! Hahahahahahaha!

That one you had with manone or whatever he/she was called was ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL!


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BTICronox  6m ago @ChironSS

Oh god, don't remind of that :D

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ChironSS  6m ago @196ss


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ChironSS  6m ago @BTICronox


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196ss  6m ago @ChironSS

I'm sorry, I sent it to the wrong recipient.
Those touch screens...