21 New Megane Trophy-R arrives with a Nürburgring lap record

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The "Grüne Hölle" marketing machine is firing on all cylinders, spewing out yet another well publicized lap record - this time in the front wheel drive class.

It is Renault who have revealed next generation Megane Trophy-R and are proving its track credentials with onboard Nürburgring video. The clock stops at 7:40.1 - a time almost unthinkable for front wheel drive just a decade ago.

No standard front-wheel-drive road car has gone quicker, at least none that we know about and can verify. Current record was held by VW Golf GTi Clubsport S - 7:49.21.

3y ago by FastestLaps
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HighGear  3y ago

Someone needs to bring back the Megane R26.R... Maybe with 350hp, LSD and plastic windows. Of course, with the cool livery like the one from 2008...
Someone also needs to time that 600hp Toyota C-HR R-Tuned around the 'Ring. That was FWD and beat super cars at Willow Springs.

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BTICronox  3y ago

Actually the JP Performance Golf VII GTI Clubsport S was even faster.
Including a full onboard lap in the end. But of course, it's a tuned car.

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moegigo  3y ago


As you can see in the german "Supertest". The difference between a factory / record car and a regular test car ist huge.

Supertest Megane RS 280hp with complete Trophy package and manual
- 0-100 6.4
- 0-200 26s
- Hockenheim Short 1.15.7
- Nordschleife 8.12min
on Bridgestone Potenza S001
- Power on Dyno 266 HP

It s clear this is not the trophy R version but one thing is shocking to me:
The Power output and 0-200 of 26s really hurts a sports car driver.
btw. Renault was free to send whatever they want, for example BMW once sended an M5 with 650hp instead of 560 (or 580 limited edition?) on the dyno...

What you get is probably not what you see on youtube

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moegigo  3y ago

Do you have detailled information about, equipment, tyre, weight, aero, hp?

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Niki  3y ago

but wasn’t the record 7:43 by civic?