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Only a few days before 2021, a Swiss company called Picasso Automotive has launched a new supercar. Picasso PS-01, it is light and powerful, based on these trailers, it looks very radical.

This super sports car was developed in Lugano, Switzerland, and is based on a lightweight platform that includes a carbon fiber rear subframe. In addition, the body of the Picasso PS-01 is made entirely of carbon fiber, which means that the car weighs only 1,984 pounds (900 kg).


These renders show a smooth body structure, a prominent rear arch structure and a large carbon fiber rear wing. Speaking of the rear, we can also see dual exhaust pipes, a bold diffuser and a roof shovel to help cool the mid-mounted engine.


The front of the PS-01 seems to have a striking splitter, a large grille and LED headlights.

1w ago by revolt7717
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benedekpuskas  1w ago

Swiss people are weird... :D
It looks similar to the Alfa 4C

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Aaron  1w ago

looks ugly af tbh

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Corvolet3  1w ago

But is it faster than a C4 Picasso?