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Only a few days before 2021, a Swiss company called Picasso Automotive has launched a new supercar. Picasso PS-01, it is light and powerful, based on these trailers, it looks very radical.

This super sports car was developed in Lugano, Switzerland, and is based on a lightweight platform that includes a carbon fiber rear subframe. In addition, the body of the Picasso PS-01 is made entirely of carbon fiber, which means that the car weighs only 1,984 pounds (900 kg).


These renders show a smooth body structure, a prominent rear arch structure and a large carbon fiber rear wing. Speaking of the rear, we can also see dual exhaust pipes, a bold diffuser and a roof shovel to help cool the mid-mounted engine.


The front of the PS-01 seems to have a striking splitter, a large grille and LED headlights.

3m ago by revolt7717
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CarCritic  3w ago

Will this ever enter production?
Or will be an impossible dream for everyone in the world, just lingering, lingering with nothing happening?
(I'm just saying, remember the Devel Sixteen?)


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196ss  3w ago

Not sure that anyone ever would dream about it

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benedekpuskas  3m ago

Swiss people are weird... :D
It looks similar to the Alfa 4C


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Arnaud  1m ago

The back looks a little bit like an McLaren P1

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Aaron  3m ago

looks ugly af tbh


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Arnaud  1m ago

I agree with you

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FastestLaps  1m ago

Much like all Picassos...


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Corvolet3  3m ago

But is it faster than a C4 Picasso?