30 Pirelli Slicks vs Trofeo Rs

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Finally a reliable test conducted by a proper racing driver, Romain Monti (for Motorsport Magazine), to establish what arguably is one of the most debated and used fact to compare racing cars laptimes with road legal ones.

Quantify the difference between a laptime on slick tyres and on Pirelli's most performing road tyres. The result is less than 1 second per minute of track time.


2y ago by manone
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dr. cosimo  4d ago


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SpeedKing  2w ago

Interesting tyre comparison, Pirelli P Zero PZ4 vs Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R vs 2 Pirelli slick tyres with same compound but different construction on a Hyundai I30N. Big difference between the P Zero and slicks... 1:38.02 vs 1:31.79


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SpeedKing  1y ago

Semi-slick comparison between Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R VS Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS VS Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R. This reveals that the Cup2R has approx a 1 to1.5 sec advantage over the TrofeoR on a hot lap with fresh rubber on a medium speed track so bear that in mind when comparing supercar lap times.


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Buddie05  2y ago

IDK guys I like the 1 second per minute analogy. Makes sense to me.

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DrDuke  2y ago

116.5s - 114.63s = 1.87 sec

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Cocobe  2y ago

to be fair, not all slicks are created equal. Even formula 1 “hard” slicks, and soft formula slicks can have 2-3 seconds difference.

Also, that a car with less hp will see much less difference between slicks and trofeo R than a car that has a lot of power. And tbh I bet that mundane slicks are actually more durable than your regular competition road tires.

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SpeedKing  2y ago

What would be even more interesting is a semi-slick tyre lap time comparison between TrofeoR's vs Cup2R's vs Goodyear F1 3R's.

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FastestLaps  2y ago

Modern road legal "track tyres" are indeed close to slicks in performance. 10-15 years ago I think there were no such tyres, which could be part of the reason why older "hypercars" like Enzo, Carrera GT, MC12 etc often have slower lap times than more mundane modern sportscars.