33 Porsche 911 GT3 breaks cover with a sub 7 minute Nürburgring lap time

Cover for Porsche 911 GT3 breaks cover with a sub 7 minute Nürburgring lap time

The 992 generation Porsche 911 line-up is now complete - first it was the Carrera and Carrera S, which, despite having the same engine as 991.2 generation, surprised with excellent acceleration performance, followed by much anticipated 911 Turbo, again, setting new benchmark in straight line performance.

Now it is time for the naturally aspirated, track-focused GT3, which, for most people, is the signature high performance 911 flavor.

In keeping with Porsche tradition, GT3 launch is accompanied with officially verified and certified Nürburgring lap time effort by Lars Kern - Porsche's test driver, who managed a 6 minute 55.3 second lap time, improving on outgoing 991.2 GT3 RS by 1.1 seconds.

Judging by lap time, it is likely that eventual "RS" version will beat Lamborghini Huracán Performante, which used to be record holder at Nürburgring 3 years ago.

The gap to current record holder Mercedes AMG GT Black Series is, perhaps, a bridge too far for naturally aspirated Porsche and absolute track record will likely be targeted with theoretical turbocharged 992 GT2 RS.

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Aaron  22h ago

Lap record or not, this is a bloody good car.

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gegt  2w ago

would be nice if they let Hulkenberg to make an attempt. Just out of PR reasons

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hostboy  2w ago

A modern Porsche 911 generation lineup will never be complete without a GT2

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DodgeHEMI426  2w ago

I think with the Michelin Pilot Cup R-tires all new "records" need to be put into perspective if compared with lap times that were performed on normal Sport Cup 2- or Trofeo R-tires. Obviously it is all legit and I don't doubt the times but it is a proven fact that the same car is substantially faster on Cup R than Cup 2 (or also Trofeo R).

This is especially the case when people highlight the 17 second difference between the 991.2 GT3 and the 992 GT3.


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SpeedKing  2w ago

Yeah the Cup2R's are the closest thing to slicks out there. The new Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS that Lamborghini are using on the Huracan STO are just a fraction less grippy on a hot lap but will outlast the Cup2R's over multiple laps and provide as good if not superior grip.

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BTICronox  2w ago

Trofeo Rs are the equivalent to the Cup 2 R, not Cup 2... except the 2 R is better than the Trofeo regardless.

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SpeedKing  2w ago @BTICronox

Not according to this independent test. The Cup2R is the supreme track semi-slick. The TrofeoR sits in between the Cup2/Cup2R...


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DodgeHEMI426  1w ago @BTICronox

I also refer to the track test that was mentioned by SpeedKing. Also there's certain profiles of the Cup 2 that are as least as aggressive as the Trofeo R (Cup 2 ZP used by the Vette Z06 or AMG GT R (Pro) for example).

Everything equipped with a Cup R seems to be incredibly fast for what it is. Will be interesting to see what the Corvette C8 Z06 with Cup R can do.

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SpeedKing  1w ago @DodgeHEMI426

The fastest production cars at the Nurb are the GT2 RS MR(modified) and the AMG GT BS which both used Cup2R's. The SVJ and Performante both used TrofeoR's although some claimed Pirelli provided Lamborghini with a special compound of TrofeoR for their lap records. No one from Pirelli or anywhere else has substantiated those claims and while it is possible i would need to see some evidence supporting that before i give it any credibility...

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BTICronox  1w ago @SpeedKing

"The TrofeoR sits in between the Cup2/Cup2R..."

Isn't that indirectly what I said with "better than the Trofeo R regardless"? :D
Thanks for the info though.

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BTICronox  1w ago @DodgeHEMI426

Cup 2's are a mysterium by now anyway :D

I just remember the times when there was the Cup 2 on the 918 and the discussion about lap times of a P1 with PZeros (slower) or Trofeo Rs (faster). And from that I remember the Cup 2 having a tread wear of 200 and the Trofeo R having one of 60 or so.

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SpeedKing  1w ago @BTICronox

Yes indirectly, however i just wanted to educate other readers who may not have any knowledge of such matters. The Cup2's have greater longevity over Trofeo's when driven hard which the Apex crew at the Nurb can confirm through their countless laps there.

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SpeedKing  2w ago

I'm hanging out to see how fast the Huracan STO will be at the Nurb. My guess is that it could very well beat the Merc AMG GT Black record lap there...

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mameson  2w ago