6 Porsche 911 Targa ready for digital reveal on May 18th

Cover for Porsche 911 Targa ready for digital reveal on May 18th

The new 911 Targa would have originally been unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in the second half of April, but the event was cancelled, as was the next possible reveal opportunity - Porsche-sponsored Stuttgart Women's Tennis Tournament.

The last possible way to introduce the car, the Porsche Museum, had to be closed, so the premiere were delayed further and further, until it was decided to introduce the car through the Internet, at the 9:11 magazine on the 18th of May.

No big technical surprises are expected, except for the roof, everything will likely be the same as the regular 911 Carrera.

The Targa will be a bit heavier due to the bracing required, which will probably mean a little bit different suspension and slightly worse performance figures.

7m ago by benedekpuskas
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Autolambo  6m ago

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Botan626  7m ago

Porsche-sponsored Stuttgart Women's Tennis Tournament



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dr. cosimo  7m ago

drug trafficking gone wrong

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Botan626  7m ago @dr. cosimo

Nah it's Porsche tyre sealant can't hold it.

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dr. cosimo  7m ago @Botan626

the company does have many dark sides, specifically with its ceo's and fraud cases and one of them is, hiring an out of date athlete that has a history

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benedekpuskas  7m ago @Botan626

That's possible.