9 Porsche, Audi to join Formula 1 in 2026

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According to reporting by Reuters and BBC, top executives at VW Group have green-lighted plans for Porsche and Audi to join Formula 1.

There have been rumors about possible Porsche return to Formula 1, especially after leaving LMP1. This never materialized and, since establishment of Formula E team and announcement of return to LMP1, it seemed like there would be no room in company budget to conquer yet another top motor racing class.

Apparently, VW Group have more resources than most, because their CEO Herbert Diess just confirmed that Porsche will indeed be participating in Formula 1, and VW Group will sponsor two new teams at the same time - Porsche and Audi.

Porsche Formula 1 team will be partnership with Red Bull Racing and employ the brand new 2026 spec powertrain already in development by Red Bull. The team itself will likely be renamed to Red Bull-Porsche or, depending on how much resources Red Bull have, we may have both participate simultaneously - something that wouldn't surprise me given that Red Bull have been title sponsors for multiple teams already (team Red Bull and team Toro Rosso).

According to reports, Audi Formula 1 will be built on "remains" of one of existing F1 teams after VW Group acquires it. Apparently they are in talks with McLaren, Sauber, Aston Martin and Williams.

VW Group's sudden appetite for high profile motorsports may have something to do with their plans to spin off Porsche as a separate company and launch a public offering (IPO) on stock exchange. Belief is that costs of establishing and running F1 team will be compensated in gained publicity and brand appreciation, which will manifest in the stock price.

There are 4 long years between now and 2026 so much can still change. Whether or not we will really see both Porsche and Audi jump into F1 2026 depends on many things, one being be the success or failure of Porsche IPO, which may be ill-timed, given the possibility of worldwide post-Covid, post-stimulus recession.

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Aaron  2m ago

I'm guessing F1's gonna be replace v6 with I4 engines by then?


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FastestLaps  2m ago

No, I think its 1.6 V6 still. But they will boost the percentage of hybrid power to 50% of the total max output.

Why? To make themselves look greener. Because green is incredibly important. Literally the most important thing ever.

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Aaron  2m ago @FastestLaps

Ah, okay thanks. Also, yes, going green is like tax on profits. If you don't go green, you'll likely be fined or shut down by governments. If you do go green, you have nothing to gain except maybe bragging rights to virtue signaling

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FastestLaps  2m ago @Aaron

tax on profits

You're not supposed to make any profits anyway. You're supposed to share. Give it all away. For the greater good.

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Shwingbob  2m ago @FastestLaps


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Aaron  2m ago @FastestLaps

Right! You aren't supposed to have any assets either. That's selfish. You're supposed to spend every last breath and hint of energy giving to the society and help people pay for "social science" classes

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Hans  2m ago @FastestLaps

XD green is new red

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benedekpuskas  2m ago @Hans


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TypeF173  2m ago

Absolutely fantastic news! I stated so yesterday! Any Formula One racing fans will welcome this MASSIVE piece of history! Audi AND Porsche? Unbelievable!🙂