21 Porsche GT2 RS breaks Top Gear lap record

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The 991 Porsche 911 GT2 RS has managed to beat McLaren 675LT production car lap record at Top Gear test track.

Porsche GT2 managed 1:13.4, which improved McLaren time by 0.3 seconds, and now stands as the fastest production car lap time ever, assuming Caparo T1 and Ultima GTR 720 do not fit de-facto definition of "production car".

The Caparo T1 record of 1:10.6 stands since 2007, mostly because none of the recent track-savvy hypercars have been tested at the Dunsfold airfield. McLaren Senna in particular would be great challenger for the record, and I hope it does get featured in future TopGear episode, especially after triumphant appearance at Grand Tour Eboladrome where it managed to absolutely decimate previous track record, beating it by almost 4 seconds.

4y ago by FastestLaps
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Renzone  3y ago


update the great time of 488 pista , destroying the Gt2 Rs!!! Update, update.

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dr. cosimo  3y ago

enjoy yourselves germaniac fanboys :)


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Thiago_Lins  3y ago

Ferrari 488 Pista 1:12.70! RECORD!!!

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Freedom Rider  4y ago

I agree with you, Dr. Cosimo...Maybe it was the same car they used to set the VRI lightning record of 2.37.8. If so, then it is a "specially" tuned Weissach (per Porsche officials). Whatever that means.

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dr. cosimo  4y ago

it turns out the car tested was a factory car with german plates, that should answer all your questions as to why it is on top of the list :)

good luck figuring out why they even bothered to send a factory car instead of using a rhd instead


lap time set with a different car


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...  4y ago

If the McLaren Senna beats the absolute track record of 0:59.0 from the Lotus T125 F1 car from 2011 (series 17 Episode 6), that'd be crazy!

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Tupadre  4y ago

Break the record? Really it is breaking record for only 0.3s vs old car lol

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Tyrone1  4y ago

To be honest, i am surprised it wasnt quicker. Less than half a second faster than a 675LT?

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FastestLaps  4y ago

I feel bad for Dr Cosimo. He will be even more edgy and more on-edge than usual.