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dr. cosimo  3m ago

it's been mentioned, this car will overheat if pushed too hard, so do not expect it to be the tesla replacement. it's another garbage made by the germans.

risky musk has decided to send his pos to the ring to beat this por-shee's ring time, lol

once again, they are relying on lap times to sell their garbage to the public....das auto


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Tommi95  5d ago

You are such a biased, Porsche hater and also homophobic. You give inaccurate information and you just spread hate. If anything the Porsche will have more consistent performances than the Tesla, which is the one most likely to overheat. Also, what about the hate for LGBT people? Are you just stupid or mean or are you a closeted homosexual that just tries to come off as straight? Chill out dude and live your life and let German and gay people live theirs.

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dr. cosimo  4d ago @Tommi95

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Boki  14h ago @dr. cosimo

Italian pussy you can only be sorry because the porsche 918 is faster than laferrari,gt2rs from the pista,gt3rs from the 458 speciale...and in gt motorsport RSR from the 488 gt...blow my cock.

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dr. cosimo  10h ago @Boki

oh yeah, shit like that happens only in your dreams, when you're tucked in bed with fl fukc boys that suck on german wee-wee's only lol

the chi-nks are aware of the poopy quality of vw group too



if their ice cars are way beyond fukced up, let's wait for their overrated battery packed ones to go on sale and first one that will report his ride just went bust in the middle of nowhere lol

918 cokcster is still being recalled and handles like shiet hahahahaha


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smirza  3m ago

600HP from a 2019 car only for a 7:42.....sorry guys we messed up.lets go back in time

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moegigo  3m ago

Pre-production car. Delete the lap.

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SpeedKing  3m ago

Here's the video link for those bored shitless and love the sound of tyre squeal lol


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FastestLaps  3m ago

Question: Is there any else laptime at the Nürburgring for an electric sedan? :-)

Porsche PR department probably had the press release headline ready before they even headed out to Nurburgring :D

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FreedaBees  3m ago

A record for the fastest whale around the Nurburgring - 2095 Kg - are you serious? That is more than twice (920 Kg) the weight of a Fiat X 1.9.

Am I the only one who thinks manufacturers have lost the plot and that cars are just getting too heavy?