41 Porsche Taycan Turbo S flexing muscles on track

Cover for Porsche Taycan Turbo S flexing muscles on track

Porsche Taycan Turbo S has revelaed its full performance potential for the first time.

In February 5th issue Autozeitung comparison between Taycan Turbo S, Tesla Model S P100D and BMW M5 Competition, electric Porsche recorded best overall acceleration figures and second fastest lap time.

Much lighter internal combustion engine M5 was fastest on track, while Porsche followed for close second (0.7 seconds slower over 2 minute lap).

Tesla, supposedly on inferior tyres, experienced performance throttling after only 1.5 km and recorded demoralizing 2 minutes and 7.9 seconds. So much for the Elon Musk's dreams of Nürburgring records...

Autozeitung also clocked record-breaking 0-100 kph times for BMW M5 (2.9 seconds) and Porsche Taycan (2.7 seconds). Both, I believe, could be fastest ever times for internal combustion and electric 4 door cars.

I should remind that BMW M5 Competition already has run a sub 3 second time before - in a video review test by Bulgarian publication "Dizzy Riders".

8m ago by FastestLaps
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Dave Load   7m ago

Porsche is priced for the few that can afford. Buy a Tesla for half price if you want e-car. Much more practical. If Petrolhead, buy M5, its lovely I have one :)

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John Doe  8m ago

"electric Porsche recorded best overall acceleration figures"
No shit!(c) Because it's electric dude!
The torque it this piece comes instantly.
But still BMW is better all arounder - fast in mile runs(can easily be tuned to 10/9.9 sec in 1/4 mile) and on track(N-ring 7:36.00).
And Porsche... Porsche with all that electric gloss is just another toy for midlife crisis lads.

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Gogeta  8m ago

The taycan is nice but so overpriced. I dont think we're at the point when companies can give us a fully electric car that has overall performance and practicality and luxury of a m5 competition without it being ridiculously expensive and heavy. Same goes for the tesla. It's only really impressive in straight line acceleration. The model s would be way more expensive too if it actually handled as well as the taycan or m5

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aaayy  8m ago

In Car and Drivers testing, the Taycan was able to consistently pull off sub-3 second 0-60 launches around 2.5 seconds and 1/4 mile times around 10.5, even after something like 5 launches. With no preparations. Keep in mind, the Tesla’s ludicrous mode only works on full battery, after you’ve warmed up the battery for 45 minutes, and even then, after 5 launches the Tesla was only pulling 6-7 second 0-60 times and 16-17 second 1/4 miles. And also the 192 mile range for the Taycan is completely unrealistic, in reality it’s more like 260.

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Matko  8m ago


0-60MPH 2,42s and 10,529s in 1/4 mile

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DodgeHEMI426  8m ago

The Tesla which is supposed to break records at the Nurburgring will have a new drivetrain and a modified battery.
The outcome of the test doesn't surprise much, after all the Model S is already a few years old which translates into probably almost a decade in electric cars-development.

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SpeedKing  8m ago

Don't worry the car Ee-loon sends to the Nurb is gonna be highly modified with rocket thrusters so it's gonna be fast.

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Tracker  8m ago

I thought there are retarted German haters here, but than I saw this "test".