23 BMW M4 GT4 laps Hockenheim in 1 minute, 6,7 seconds

Cover for BMW M4 GT4 laps Hockenheim in 1 minute, 6,7 seconds

Here is a lap time for BMW M4 GT4 race car on the Hockenheim Short. Test driver was Christian Gebhardt from Sport Auto magazine Germany.

BMW M4 GT4 is not a road car, but this lap is interesting, because GT4 cars are very close to series production cars, with very little or no fundamental changes.

Here on Fastestlaps.com you can find lap times for F1 cars, LMP1 cars and motorcycles, but GT4 series is much more relevant for comparison with the road-legal production cars.

Here is video from this lap time on the Hockenheim Short. Click here for full list of Hockenheim lap times for the popular 2.6 kilometer "short" layout.


3y ago by honzakoubek
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BR2+  3y ago

Really again?..

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saxy  3y ago

I did recall someone saying a Porsche Cayman gt4 (racecar) was nearly as fast as a million dollar hypercar. However these things don’t come cheap. This bmw costs 170k euros. In that case, if I’m not actually entering a race series, I might as well just buy a supercar that will nearly match this on lap times for the same price.

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FastestLaps  3y ago

How much power does it have? The biggest limiting factor for GT4 is power. It's also same for GT3, but limitations are, obviously, less extreme.