3 Tesla shocks customers with nefarious price cuts

Cover for Tesla shocks customers with nefarious price cuts

Heck, you just spent US $200000 - your entire weekly earnings - on that trendy Elon Musk car you saw on YouTube, now, why should the pleb next door be allowed to have the same thing for $170000? This is deeply unfair and grounds for legal action!

If dealing with courts and lawyers is not your thing, you should at least protest on social media. Since you only make $200000 / week, your time is not valuable, and you have plenty for Twitter and Facebook.

Perhaps, as a protest, you should consider selling some of your TSLA stock and investing in some of your other favorite, not-in-a-bubble stocks like NFLX or AMAZON?

As a Tesla owner you probably believe in affordable and clean transportation. Yet you probably don't think that US $35000 is reasonable price for Model 3 or even the most basic compact car.

$35000 is a step, or a giant leap, too far. It is a price that would be fitting for something smaller like the new flagship foldable phones, certainly for the upcoming foldable iPhone. For a car, $35000 seems like a slap in the face with the back of Elon Musk's hand. A slap for every Tesla owner who actually had to pay real money for their Tesla.

1y ago by FastestLaps
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Metajore  1y ago

At least he did a meme review


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FastestLaps  1y ago

Elon is alright. It's the "first-world-problems" Tesla owners who sometimes trigger me.

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Metajore  1y ago @FastestLaps

Yeah the news has been talking shit about Elon and Tesla recently.