15 The 2021 Honda Civic prototype

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Honda revealed the looks of the 11th generation Civic prototype. Here's all we know:


The design is less complicated and more conservative than the previous model. Long, straight lines dominate the body, this makes the design a bit Audi-like. Overall, it's a nice-looking, average family sedan, with nothing extra.


Just like the exterior, the interior is simple and plain. The dashboard is completely horizontal, only the vast touchscreen breaks the continuity.
Of course, this might change, when the actual production model comes out.


Model variants

In America, the new Civic sedan will debut first, followed by the hatchback, coupe Si and Type R, the latter presumably only by 2022.

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Borat1234  9m ago

Who cares about a Honda Civic lol how did this even make a news story on this page. 0-60 in 10 seconds, quarter mile next year

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Corvolet3  9m ago

Looks very nice. I'm excited.

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