9 The Czinger 21C is coming

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The Los Angeles based startup Czinger is coming out with this beast - the Czinger 21C, a “center-seat hypercar for the 21st Century”.

Despite the funny name, it looks pretty serious. It’s set for debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show, and judging by the LMP1-style front fenders and spoiler, it will be pretty serious.

Sadly, the company isn’t currently announcing any specs. But they did show us this cheesy video.

5d ago by aaayy
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lafars  4d ago

while we can estimate the power/weight-ratio to be good it won't threaten the coming top hybrids: Valkyrie and AMG One

maybe it'll be closer to the holy trinity in performance


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BR2+  4d ago

...But what if it does?

I dont think it will, Nor do i expect it to even make it to production, Specially with a name like Czinger, Could be wrong g though.

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aaayy  14h ago

Well, just announced today, it has 1233 horsepower and will do 0-60 in 1.9 seconds.

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dr. cosimo  13h ago @aaayy

haven't had a double z for a while, mmmmmmmm


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manone  4d ago

cheesy video ... ahahahaha

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FastestLaps  5d ago

When IPO, when ICO, when trillion dollar valuation for Czinger? :P


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aaayy  4d ago

With a name like Czinger, probably never,

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FastestLaps  4d ago @aaayy

They are from LA California, therefore they are a tech company and therefore they deserve at least 100 billion dollars private funding and another 900 after they go IPO.

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SpeedKing  5d ago

As if there aren't enough hypercars out there already. Every man and his dog is out there trying to make a name for themselves lol