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Hey everyone, it's your boy "hostboy." Today, I am going to talk about what is happening between the Hellcat and its daddy corporation Chrysler, also known as "Stellantis" in this politically correct world.

To start off, the CEO of the Dodge brand (no, mind you, it's not Ralph Gilles -- it's this guy right here, Timothy Kuniskis) said that the eMotor will replace all Hellcats and the eMotor is not even going into the V8s - it will go into the Pentastar V6s.

The funny thing - the funny prediction is that, even before the Hellcat ends production, you will see a lot of 3.6-liter Pentastar owners boring and stroking their displacements to like 4.5 or even 5.0 liters, adding a turbocharger or two, and getting 9-second quarter-mile slips. Yeah! That's exactly what Dodge is doing. Dodge is not planning to use Alfa Romeo or Ferrari or Maserati motors - they're gonna use their own engines, they will stick to their own!

One of the main reasons that Chrysler is ending production of the Hellcat motor has to do with the stringent emission standards. Hellcats have never officially been sold in Europe or Australia, and in order to comply with the standards there, there will be no more big-displacement supercharged V8s. In Europe, you have the turbocharged V8s, and V6s and straight-sixes - M3s, M5s, C63s (which is now a four-pot), and E63s dominating the world.

As much of a Hellcat fan that I am, I would love to see a brand new Challenger and Charger because these same old "MoPars" ride on the same platform as the W211 Mercedes E-Class. No, worse - they are an evolution of the LH platform, renamed "LX, LD, LA" - it's an Intrepid, okay? With some Mercedes-Benz added to it...

I am looking forward towards 2023 and 2024.

2m ago by hostboy
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ChironSS  3w ago

"Nate Higgers 26m ago

My name is Nate Higgers, and I'm gay."

Before you delete it.

So, you're confused? LMFAO!

Funny Skunk. Not.

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BMW fan  2m ago

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hostboy  2m ago

Hellcats are the Kanye/Morgan Wallen of cars... Everyone likes them, but no one likes them ...but everyone still likes them...

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AaronVector  2m ago

Welcome the EV challenger and the battery charger

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FastestLaps  2m ago

Make it electric crossover SUV like Mustang Match E and voila - we are saved, no more global warming, no more melting icebergs, no more polar bears and penguins dying...

Also, as added bonus, fuel prices will drop by 50% as soon as the new electric Hellcat is introduced and all existing gas guzzler cats are criminally banned.

And in the event that electric Hellcat doesn't save world hunger, war, goods shortages and global warming, we can always develop a Hellcat bicycle. Which is guaranteed to solve everything.


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SpeedKing  2m ago

Surely it would've made more sense to go with a hybrid set up with electric motors up front. At least they would've got traction on the street...

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FastestLaps  2m ago @SpeedKing

Anything other than the one big V8 engine actually subtracts from the appeal of this car. The fact that it has more power than tyres is a feature, not a bug. Unless you can't drive, of course...

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AaronVector  2m ago @SpeedKing

The point of a hellcat is no traction on the streets, just raw power.

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SpeedKing  2m ago @AaronVector

Yes i get that but a hybrid would've been a far better compromise than going electric which is going from one extreme to the other.

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SheblyGT500  2m ago

Why not just make it a hybrid. Still could have the v8. If Ferrari can do it who says dodge cant do it.

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SheblyGT500  1w ago

I still dont think the Mach E is a real mustang. It’s just a crossover