265 The SSC Tuatara is the first 300mph car!

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Shelby SuperCars Tuatara is officially the first 300mph car in production. According to Road & Track, the 1,750 hp hypercar hit 331 mph in tailwind direction and 316.11 mph average over both direction.

Tuatara is America's first hypercar in series production and SSC are using Nelson Racing double overhead cam shaft V8 engine instead of more primitive pushrod V8 from General Motors, which they were using previously.

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TypeF173  3m ago

I'd like to welcome everyone by FastestLApS!


Speedking is the first honorary member and chair!

Any questions ask HIM, he'll be delighted to answer! He LOVES it!

LOL! I can give you 532(km/h) reasons! Ahahaha!


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TypeF173  4m ago


Quote>"Tuatara is America's first hypercar in series production and SSC are using Nelson Racing double overhead cam shaft V8 engine instead of more primitive pushrod V8 from General Motors, which they were using previously."

Where did you get that from?

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TypeF173  7m ago


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TypeF173  10m ago

SSC Tuatara VIN identity. Now THAT'S interesting. OoO

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TypeF173  10m ago


Quote>"On Thursday, Shelby told MA there's NO DATA FILE with the GPS satellite data from the first run because it wasn't needed."

When I read that I couldn't believe it. Completely contradicts what someone else stated about speeds and times and curves.

Shaking my head. They've still got my support but they got to get this basic stuff down. :(

Also they FAKED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They did though royally F K it up.

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TypeF173  10m ago

Oliver James Webb the racer driving the SSC Tuatara in October 2020 stated in an interview that the SSC Tuatara DIDN'T have ANY FUNCTIONAL anti lock braking system during the records attempt? Now, I LOVE the car. But not stupidity. It's inexcusable particularly with the gestation period. Oliver has no reason other than state the truth. :(

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TypeF173  10m ago

So I watched the productions record run again and particularly the second pass. I don't know what to say except the noise (flatplane crankshaft) wasn't particularly pleasing, the engine didn't seem to be hitting 8800rpm and the acceleration wasn't happening intially and that gearshift seemed slow and somewhat agricultural?Oo

It's in reaction to the Koenigsegg Jesko video, I'll have to watch it again but it seemed far more refined and sophisticated even if ultimate durability is in question.

Maybe I've spent too much time in EV land? Well not really them German V10'S and Italian V12'S are always singing!

I just hope Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz get it right on their hypercars, I believe they are SINGLE clutches! Shaking my head.

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TypeF173  11m ago

If you INCLUDE driver weight which is advisable as hypercars aren't autonomous unless Rimac sort it out completley, then this is a GIVEN and absolutely correct procedure.

So the FIRST production hypercar that was DELIVERED that is a TRUE 1:1 plus power to weight ratio car WITH driver included was not the Koenigsegg One:1.

This car is also the first TRUE 1MW:1 power to weight ratio production car ALSO.


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Anti-scam service  11m ago

SSC officially admits that they were pulling off a multi-milion dollar scam in October 2020.


And the fanbase is praising them for being honest lmao...

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hostboy  11m ago

I have a feeling this is a modern-day Ferrari F40. Very lightweight, all-original design (not a copycat like Hennessey), also a flat-plane V8.

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TypeF173  11m ago

Original Nevada productions run 300-400km/h= SEVENTEEN seconds? O:

That overlay was ****ing useless!


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TypeF173  1y ago

So the final SEXY metrics for the SSC Tuatara.

0-100km/h= 2.75 seconds
0-200km/h= 5.75 seconds
0-300km/h= 10.75 seconds
0-400km/h= 19.75 seconds

100-200km/h= 3 seconds
200-300km/h= 5 seconds
300-400km/h= 9 seconds

Firstly 0-100 is factory claimed at 2.5 seconds or under. I added rollout plus a little more on TOP to make this more accurate.

100-200km/h of 3 seconds and 200-300km/h of 5 seconds have been ACHIEVED by a direct rival. The specifications of the Tuatara are in another dimension compared to the benchmarked car. Also it "seems" to have done 62-124MPH in a video itself around the 3 second mark. They claimed less so I stuck to what I've timed. 300-400km/h it's already achieved at Kennedy Space Centre verified at 10 seconds. 9 seconds is definitely within reason.

Also for the 0-300km/h individual metrics I benchmarked it agaisnt a quicker car and one that's within almost exactly the same bracket.

300-0km/h= 6 seconds
400-0km/h= 9 seconds

1/4 mile 9.5 seconds at 162MPH. I feel this is a perfectly reasonable expectation. It'd go quicker on a prepped surface.

0-304.774MPH so 0.01MPH faster than the Bugatti Chiron Supersport pre production prototype is calculated but I'm NOT releasing that one figure.

So acceleration plus deacceleration covered plus 1/4 mile. I've already done top speed and the in gear times.

I believe that's THIS car done. She's a beauty. Now I wonder what's next?


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TypeF173  1y ago

Bugatti timestamps from official video at 0.25X playback=

180MPH= 1:35 minutes and seconds
284MPH= 2.03 minutes and seconds

So 180-284MPH= 28 seconds.

Using the 0-180MPH time from the Bugatti Chiron Sport section here it is 12.4 seconds.

So 12.4+28= 40.4 seconds PRELIMINARY time.

That's actually bloody good. But it's stitched together.

An actual productions runs is never going occur at 284MPH.

One day I'll do it to 273MPH to compare to the production Bugatti Supersport.

300+ YET to be announced.

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TypeF173  1y ago

I got inspiration to do this from a fan from another manufacturer. They wanted to see what the quickest 0-284MPH would be as I'd mentioned it for SSC Tuatara.

I did the Koenigsegg Agera RS as it was the previous productions record holder.


Quote>"The Agera RS also went down Nevada highway accelerating to 249 MPH in 24 seconds covering 1.08 miles."

So we have 0-400km/h time plus distance.

Now 250-284MPH


250MPH: 0-42 seconds 2909 metres
284MPH: 1-06 minutes plus seconds 5907 metres

Time equals= 66-42= 24 seconds
Distance equals= 2909-5907 metres equals= 2998 metres equals= 1.86 miles

So 24+24= 48 seconds and 1.86 miles+1.08 miles= 2.94 miles

So 0-284MPH in 48 seconds and 2.94 miles "stiching" together the quickest 0-249MPH and 250-284MPH.

SSC North America with the Tuatara did 0-284MPH 40 seconds and did it in 1.941 miles.

So the Tuatara is 8 seconds quicker and did it in 1 mile less distance.

Koenigsegg and Hennessey's production runs will be very interesting indeed.

For now the SSC is unequivocally top speed and absolutely the acceleration speed King.

I don't think I'll bother with Bugatti. The pre production prototype won't match 40 seconds. And measuring distance would be next to impossible anyway.


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TypeF173  1y ago

Above 250MPH the SSC Tuatara accelerated 70% PLUS+ quicker than the Koenigsegg Agera RS. It dismantled it then destroyed it completely.

Then unfortunately it destroyed itself!

But 300MPH+ WILL occur. It's advantages of which there are TWO significant ones over the competition I believe will see it victorious.

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TypeF173  1y ago

Anyway moving along from the "distraction" below.

The SSC Tuatara achieved a 0-400km/h time of 28 seconds! 4.5 seconds quicker than the 0-400-0km/h Bugatti Chiron.

BUT that's with a 0-100km/h time of SEVEN seconds! :0

Including a 300-400km/h of TEN seconds or UNDER.

That's on 1450hp as it's NOWHERE near 7th gear or the 2nd half of 7th gear where 1750hp became available.

The mind boggles as to what it would do with the full 1750hp in 5th/6th/7th.

It's already DESTROYED the Koenigsegg Agera RS above 250MPH.

If that DOESN'T impress you then I don't know what to say?

A resumption of the next episode of SEXY metrics tommorow.


Figures are only accurate as YouTube video playback at 0.25 and counter measurments which can be potentially plus+ or minus- 1 second from experience.

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TypeF173  1y ago

So the gear ratio's AND final drive Schmee used for his "calculations" for the top speed of the SSC Tuatara, the SOURCE was NEVER IMPLICITLY stated or given or recorded in his description.

My alarm bells were ringing off the charts. CIMA the manufacturers of the T1107 gearbox DO NOT list the gear ratio's or final drive ratio's on there website.

The SSC Tuatara's transmission is based on a HELICOPTER transmission in part. It is NOT a standard production specifications gearbox. It is BESPOKE.

So SSC North America release the CORRECT ratio's and final drive ratio's and everybody goes NUTS calling SSC all kinds of nasty things saying they "faked" the ratios'? How TF can you do that?

Anyway I FINALLY found the ratio's and final drive gear ratio's Schmee and also Misha/Robert used. I found them whislt performing benchmarking and triple checking. I found them HERE>

Well that's a big BLOODY surprise?

The car WASN'T launched until MONTHS after their "calculations" came out.


Is going on?

I ABSOLUTELY believe SSC North America are CORRECT in THIS instance. Gears 6 and 7 completely different as is the final drive gear ratio's.

And this is just the start of what I've uncovered.

Cringe @ the haters.

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TypeF173  1y ago




E85: 5 MPG

These SEXY metrics are in the video. As promised more EXCITING SSC Tuatara and SSC North America metrics to come!

Especially the SEXY ones


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TypeF173  1y ago

I've pulled out a couple of old notebooks. Lockdown days! Some VERY sexy metrics tommorow. I've looked at them from all kind of angles. This car DESERVES FAR FAR more respect. But October 2020 fcuked things up for this car. But only a little.

Anyway upwards and onwards.