23 Toyota Yaris is the Car of the Year 2021!

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Toyota already won COTY in 2000 with the first-generation Yaris, and this year they can claim victory once again, with the new 2020 Yaris hybrid.

The seven nominees were the Citroen C4, the Cupra Formentor, the Land Rover Defender, the Fiat 500e, the Skoda Octavia, the Volkswagen ID.3, and the Toyota Yaris.

Interestingly, two of these cars are only available with an electric powertrain, and the Citroen C4 also has an electric version.

The final results:
1. Toyota Yaris (266 points)
2. Fiat 500e (240 points)
3. Cupra Formentor (239 points)
4. VW ID.3 (224 points)
5. Skoda Octavia (199 points)
6. Land Rover Defender (164 points)
7. Citroen C4 (143 points)

The Toyota Yaris and its sporty GR version will likely be featured in other "car of the year" and "sports car of the year" competitions, made by automotive magazines.

1y ago by benedekpuskas
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JDM4LiF3  1y ago

Autocar rated the Yaris GR as their #1 car this week followed by the Civic Type R as #2 and the Golf GTI last on the list of hot hatchbacks.

Sorry Germany fanboys, but Toyota takes the cake this time today, tomorrow and forever.

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196ss  1y ago

I think all these nominees could well compete for the title of the most boring car of the year.
With the exception of Formentor may be. It's actually cool, and in terms of dynamics, it's not bad.

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FastestLaps  1y ago

You failed to mention in this article that GR Yaris is the fastest car in the Universe.

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hostboy  1y ago

NICE!!!! Yarises are cool!

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Corvolet3  1y ago

How much has Toyota paid to make it the best rated car of a barely started year? This thing has finally been upgraded after a 10 year break, still minimal practicality especially as hybrid, and overall has no impressive interior. Knowing Japanese, they again built a car that's perfect for their height, but mostly terrible for everyone else in the world.

Then again a f*cking Fiat 500 is at the top of the list, an overpriced micro car for 30k. I really wonder who made these ratings if cars like these can appear at the top.

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FastestLaps  1y ago

2021 has barely started, what if there are 10 super awesome cars launched in next 10 months?