57 Unrestricted Porsche 919 Hybrid sets lap record on Spa

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Porsche 919 "special edition" - the 919 EVO, has set a new absolute track record at the Spa Francorchamps F1 circuit in Belgium.

The lap time - 1:41.77 is almost a second faster than Lewis Hamilton's 2017 pole lap (1:42.55).

Porsche retired the 919 program last year and withdrew from the LMP1 racing, leaving Toyota as the only factory team in endurance prototype racing.

Read more about LMP1 vs Formula 1 speed comparison here.


5y ago by sroser
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Guevara  4y ago

Short lived record, Spa one is again on F1, as logical.

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latvietis96  5y ago


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SonatineSUUKS  5y ago

What is the meaning of this car? It is not under any restriction. The Ferrari or Mercedes F1 of 2018 only with a little change dismiss this car.

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Sonatine  5y ago

And they just made the new world-record in the Nürburgring as well. Their test-driver Timo Bernhard made it in 5:19.55. An insane record. Btw., the car is called Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo.

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manone  5y ago

the fastest car around tracks would look like red bull x2014. in that hypothetical world, the most important variable is aerodynamic efficiency, which is highly restricted in today's f1 regulations, but not so in lmp1. Plus, hybrid units are much more limited in f1 than lmp1:
4mj of energy through 160hp motor per lap as opposed to 8mj through unlimited power motor for the porsche. Moreover, there is a further bottleneck in the energy stored per lap in f1. Combustion engines are more powerful in f1, but this is irrelevant as total power allowed is higher for porsche lmp1.

"The ultimate fastest car would look a lot more like an LMP Car design than an F1 Car. Closed cockpit, closed wheel, AWD, larger battery output." This is just because f1 rules are much more restrictive in aerodynamics. i am not sure about 4wd, probably not, as in current tracks downforce will be much more important than mechanical grip at those theoretical speeds.

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Murmur  5y ago

Nice counterproof for all of those who say an LMP1 is faster than a F1. A totally unrestricted LMP1 only 0.8 seconds faster than a conform F1. Imagine how fast would be an unrestricted F1.

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DrDuke  5y ago

Pointless record as it doesn't fulfill any regulations. Either it's a road legal car or a rules conform racing car then it gets accepted. Otherwise you would have to add every home made car too.