6 The new Volkswagen Golf VIII revealed

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The new Golf looks like just a face-lift, but its a whole different car. It will be available with a 2.0 liter common-rail TDI diesel engine, a 115 and a 150 bhp version, and 5 types of hybrid: 3 mild-hybrid eTSI and 2 plug-in hybrid.

The drag coefficient decreased by 4%. This is the first Golf with "Car 2X" system, which means, cars with this system can communicate and share parameters with each other, for example the distance between the cars. It's really cool isn't it?

6m ago by benedekpuskas
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walter  3m ago

iPad golf inside, lots of annoying buttons to distract you

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benedekpuskas  6m ago

I think this is the best looking Golf since the IV


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Mambaman  6m ago

I like the sleek design. Beats the somewhat bloated design of the current VII.

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ammar  5m ago

but the mk6 better than mk5

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FastestLaps  6m ago

Looks like Golf VII -> VIII is like the Golf V -> Golf VI transition. Seems like a facelift because the proportions and basic size seems to be the same, indicating, perhaps, that the same platform is used. But everything else (including engines) plus the most obvious cosmetics (lights etc) are new.


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moegigo  6m ago

I think too. more or less the same dimension (which I like), same engine, 3 zylinder / 4 cylinder. Just much more electronic features which probably nobody really needs I suppose. New is the mild hybrid which is interesting but I dont like it. It's not a boost that adds more hp if you go full trottle. No it just kicks in during low rev situations (as I understand it).
But I do like the GTE concept. It can drive electric for about 60km and has solid power (about 240hp)


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fakekillerfour 11m 

added data for Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

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tyler 28m 

added laptime for Audi R8 V10 Performance (Mk II facelift) and laptime for Porsche Taycan Turbo S

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FastestLaps 1h 

added data for Alpina B7 (G12 facelift), data for Audi S8 (D5), laptime for Cupra Ateca, data for Cupra Ateca and Alpina B7