1 Wet Laps

I love comparing cars, and seeing lap times on this website, but I do have one complaint about the website.

I do not feel that wet lap times should count in comparisons. For instance, a 20 second difference in a lap time can make the non wet lap car "noticebly faster" in the end even if the other car had better times on all 7 different track. I wonder if there is anything that can be done to fix this issue. If not, then that is okay. I love this website, and I am not bashing it in any way. I would just like to bring this to others attention.

10y ago by 09c6vrgg
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Mike B  10y ago

I agree with you, in the past we could exclude wet laptimes but I don't remember when we lost it, anyway Fastestlaps is working on the V2 of the site and hopefully it'll address this situation.