1 When is a car company a manufactorer?

When is a Car Tuner a Manufactorer? This site has car tuners like Brabus or 9ff. There are also Car Tuners like ABT or MTM or Techart that sell some highly modified cars as their own and also offer tuning kits. Is there a rule that a car manufactorer has to fulfill.

2m ago by Hoppelmoppel123
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FastestLaps  2m ago

It has to be registered "car manufacturer" and cars have to have unique identity "from birth", instead of regular cars being brought in for modifications and then renamed to something else.

I can't say that these rules are enforced always and enforced correctly everywhere. But if there are some cars that don't fit those definitions, they can just say. It's just not a good idea to add new cars that don't comply to these guidelines.