10 Why only manual transmission?

I’ll admit I’ve never driven or learned how to drive manual but it bothers me how companies make weird decisions with transmissions sometimes. Here are some examples

The civic Si is a car I’ve always been interested in but I don’t want to learn stick. I understand the purist perspective but let’s be real this is a civic not a Porsche Cayman gt4, a raw purpose built and purist oriented sports car. With all due respect, it seems kinda pretentious that the car only comes in stick. Does anyone know the reason the Si or type R aren’t offered in stick?

There are so many other good fun cars that come in automatic. The wrx, automatic. Lancer evolution, automatic. All bmw M cars, automatic. Even the brz/86 and Miatas come in automatic, although those bother me too and that leads me to another weird decision

Sometimes if a purist type car is offered in automatic, they screw it up by making it slower. The Miata is over half a second a slower in automatic and the brz and 86 are about a second and a half slower in automatic! I can’t think of any rational explanation it almost seems like you’re being punished for buying it in automatic which is ridiculous because it’s 2020

1y ago by Gogeta
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hostboy  2m ago

Accelerating in a high-performance manual car is like listening to your favorite 70s/80s/90s/00s song... never gets old.. Especially if it's rear wheel drive!

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benedekpuskas  1y ago

One simple answer: cars with an automatic transmission are boring.
(Except luxury cars and high-performance supercars, of course)

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Cocobe  1y ago

manuals are lighter, more lighter, more fuel efficient and faster than old slush autos. The new autos however, are not much heavier, can take a lot more torque, have more gears, change gears faster, and simply are so much more easier to live with in the city.

I drove a manual Miata RF recently. parallel parking on a steep hill is seriously not fun. But if you're gonna go for a Sunday drive, a manual will always be more fun.

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196ss  1y ago

You have never driven manual??!!!
If so, you have never actually driven a car...

Just try it.

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FastestLaps  1y ago

Simple. Because low self-esteem snobs think they are the driving Gods when they use gear stick and clutch pedal.

With coming popularity of electric powertrians, manual gearboxes will effectively disappear (they are already disappearing for a while) and operating them will be ancient craft like operating ignition advance & retard handle.

Nobody thinks manually adjusting ignition timing is "cool". Nobody will think manually releasing clutch and changing gears with mechanical stick will be "cool".


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dr. cosimo  1y ago

how old are you again ?

please stop spreading bs and hate, the cry babies are already brainwashed by german propaganda


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SpeedKing  1y ago @dr. cosimo

Yeah given i got my licence driving a manual stick shift whereas the electric car era with upcoming self-drive is gonna be boring as batshit..

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BR2+  1y ago

I cant even.....................


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Gogeta  1y ago

That’s kinda the response I expected lol

No input on why you think Honda only makes the Si with a stick and if it’s justified? I think it’s a legitimate question

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BR2+  1y ago @Gogeta

.........Autos are for a couple reasons, To make driving easier, To have you focus more on the road n ur surroundings, Mpg, And Performance along with sales.

The Si is a performance car, And Honda knows its performance Civic customers want manuals, The Type R only comes in manual, You dont expect a small 90 year ol women to constantly shift in traffic do you?