Ferrari Monza SP1 vs McLaren Elva vs Aston Martin V12 Speedster

Picture of Ferrari Monza SP1
Picture of McLaren Elva
Picture of Aston Martin V12 Speedster
Category Monza SP1 McLaren ElvaV12 Speedster
Engine layout V12V8V12
Max power (ps) 810815700
Max torque (Nm) 719800752
Curb weight (kg) 15001800
Power / tonne (ps) 540389


Category Monza SP1 McLaren ElvaV12 Speedster
Track Performance 000
Straight line speed 000
Total 000


There is no clear winner in this comparison.

However, does not have enough lap times and performance data to make this comparison conclusive.

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Corvolet3  10m ago

Behold your master!


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Kevin Kamadhenu  10m ago

For USA, the Monza is a track toy and can be used on the track only and sold through Ferrari North America. Everywhere else, it's a road legal car.

This car cannot be purchased by any individual, it's for their Top VIP customers.

500 Cars and all of them are Sold Out already.


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dr. cosimo  10m ago

how it happened and not based on some fanboy analysis pulling childish stuff out of his ass to please his ego and dream lol. never trust little kiddie f**ks mixing up few words and coming up with their own imaginary stories, they always try to look good in front of the public and hardly know anything about demand and supply, let alone limited edition cars that were meant for collectors that know which one to choose with their eyes closed and invest in the right product.

once upon a time ferrari decided to come up with an icona model and others tried to copy the same idea, an open top car and they thought they will succeed just like that and the other two had to come up with a story that it traces back to the 60’s race cars, they couldn’t think of this idea only until the monza was out with high demand and all were spoken for :)

timeline 2018

ferrari monza 500 units sp1/sp2….just announced and sold out within few minutes before anyone would have a peek :)


mclaren elva: 399 units…. oh god not another v8 tt with more power out of the first car with close to 7 figures and a missing roof. oh wait they decided to pull a an exact copy of the monza here lol…production cutdown to 249 with the pandemic kicking in the middle of a shit storm in 2020 and was forgotten again and nobody cared….now down to 149 cars because as per some bs story they made up, customers wanted it to be exclusive and all of a sudden a windscreen was added too, no comment lol.


following the rest of the world and still can’t figure out why they have quality issues till this day lol

austin murder decided to join the club and wanted to look even more special and wanted to keep it below 100 cars, they thought they will be the talk of town and can show the world how it’s done with a history of bond movies and older shittier austins to back it up when it goes into action and car chases, in reality it can’t withstand drops of rain and goes into limp mode, going full throttle means heading back to the factory and not the service center to figure out the never ending issues, hand built they say lol

whoever is buying any of the 3 is expecting to hear engine noise, the speedster with v12 turned out to be the worst, it lacked noise which was supposed to be part of the experience when buying an open top car lol

for us murican buyers it will be a show and display car, because they are repeating the same mistake mclaren did and didn’t add a windscreen. 88 cars and they expect murican buyers to fall for yet another useless car that will be tucked away in a barn end up turning into a new home for squirrels nesting in the car engine.

most of the buzz came out of british magazines, just like they will want you to believe falkland island is part of the uk, one of many other usurped lands :)

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Adam  10m ago

The elva has 804 ho and 590 ft lbs of torque

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TypeF173  10m ago

LOL! No data for the others for basic things like weight? Ha! So as it stands the for the current productions trinity the Aston Martin Speedster takes the win. And the McLaren is second! Then the other one! ;)