Picture of Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB

V8 twin turbo
670 ps (661 bhp)
760 Nm (561 lb-ft)
1545 kg (3406 lbs)
434 ps / tonne
Picture of McLaren 675LT

McLaren 675LT

V8 Twin Turbo
675 ps (666 bhp)
700 Nm (516 lb-ft)
1328 kg (2928 lbs)
508 ps / tonne


  488 GTB675LT
Top speed 335 kph (208 mph)332 kph (206 mph)
0 - 40 kph 1.1 s1.2 s
0 - 50 kph 1.4 s1.4 s
0 - 60 kph 1.6 s1.8 s
0 - 80 kph 2.2 s2.4 s
0 - 100 kph 2.8 s2.8 s
0 - 130 kph 4.0 s3.9 s
0 - 140 kph 5.0 s5.0 s
0 - 160 kph 5.5 s5.2 s
0 - 180 kph 6.7 s6.4 s
0 - 200 kph 8.1 s7.6 s
0 - 230 kph 10.7 s10.4 s
0 - 250 kph 12.9 s12.2 s
0 - 60 mph 2.7 s2.7 s
0 - 100 mph 5.9 s5.5 s
Est. 1/8 mile 7.2 s @ 108.7 mph6.9 s @ 115.0 mph
1/4 mile 10.3 s @ 140.3 mph10.3 s @ 142.0 mph
1000 m 18.7 s @ 283.0 kph18.6 s
Est. 100 - 140 kph 2.3 s2.1 s
Est. 100 - 200 kph 5.6 s5.0 s
Est. 200 - 300 kph 15.5 s15.5 s
Est. 0 - 100 mph - 0 10.7 s @ 837 ft9.9 s @ 751 ft
Est. max acceleration 0.99 g (10 m/s²)0.99 g (10 m/s²)
100 kph - 0 31 m (103 ft)30 m (99 ft)
200 kph - 0 121 m (396 ft)115 m (378 ft)
60 mph - 0 29 m (94 ft)29 m (94 ft)
18m slalom 72.2 kph (44.9 mph)73.6 kph (45.7 mph)
Fuel economy 16.3 l/100 km (14 mpg US / 17 mpg UK)16.7 l/100 km (14 mpg US / 17 mpg UK)
Lateral acceleration 1.02 g (10 m/s²)1.09 g (11 m/s²)


  488 GTB675LT
Track Performance 681699
Straight line speed 27692908
Total 34503607


There is no clear winner in this comparison.

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Acceleration chart
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fakekillerfour  2y ago

The 675lt should do 2:43.5-2:44 at virginia international raceway

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DrDuke  2y ago

hockenheim short 488 GTB 1:07 - Sport Auto

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I'm not a robot  3y ago

Anyone who would pick a Mclaren will have some regret when they sell it for half of what they paid. The 675lt may be marginally faster but the 488 will hold its value and still be an amazing machine to drive.

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I'm not a robot  3y ago

In reality, the 675lt would compete with the 488 Speciale when it comes out as it will also be track focused and lighter. The car that the 488 GTB competes with is the 650s.

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BR2+  3y ago

I think ALOT of people forget a few things, 1, How easy or less hard a car is to drive, You can have all those advantages, But if YOU cant make use of them, Then there almost pointless, Just think back to 2007, The GT-R, That had maore electronics then a space shuttle, But a good reason for its incredibly fast laps is because they were easily attainable, Literally an 80 yr old grandmother could put down a real fast laptime, Not too mention all you had to do was put your foot down to get insane acceleration numbers.

2: Track, Simply because its faster on 1 doesnt mean it will be on another, Theres long straightaways were certain cars will pull ahead, Then theres a bunch of corners where aero grip, Tyre grip, lightweight and brakes play more a part, Simply because a car is "Track" focused, Doesnt mean its not gonna get beat a competition, And dont think for one second the 488 didnt have laptimes in its goals or is any less focused, There both pretty much made for the same thing, Just slightly more on the 675LTs.

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szmisa  3y ago

Not sure how a standard 488 could be faster on a 675 on track, the 675 has a clear advantage in weight, grip due to tires, aero, braking and acceleration. I have spoken with people whom own both and they believe the 675 to be a superior track toy. That is no way say the 488 is bad car but is simply different. Let's be honest it comes to the driver...

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fakekillerfour  3y ago

Hockenheim Short
675LT: 1:07.2
488 GTB: 1:08.3

675lt is faster.

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BR2+  3y ago

Why must people ask such questions? I mean its 2016, You guys should already no te answers to your questions...

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saxy  3y ago

put it this way. there are only only 500 LTs but a lot more 650s. every time a car does a launch depends on a lot of factors and especially with RWD cars they will have huge variances. The more cars there are doing drag racing, the more likely an occasional one gets a huge result.

Motortrend has shown that trofeo Rs although theoretically could get a better launch than p zero corsas, but the corsas are much more consistantly fast, and on average are better.

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guest  3y ago

i dont know about those 675LT numbers. the 650s hits 60 in 2.7 and 100 in 5.6. the 675LT isnt slower is it? cant comment on the 488

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Chanante  3y ago

Nice results, with 5ps less and 180kg more 488 does the same time 0 to 200, better in the first meters and only lose by a second with a cup 2 (near a second slower than Trofeo R for a minute on track). Mclaren is light but I think that 488 have better engine+gearbox.