Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 vs Nissan GT-R

Picture of Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Picture of Nissan GT-R (R35 550 PS)
Category Corvette ZR1Nissan GT-R
Engine layout 6.2 l V83.8 l V6
Max power (ps / bhp) 647 / 638550 / 542
Max torque (Nm / lb-ft) 819 / 604632 / 466
Curb weight (kg / lb) 1529 / 33711736 / 3827
Power / tonne (ps / bhp) 423 / 417317 / 312

Acceleration (mph)

Speed & distance Corvette ZR1Nissan GT-R
0 - 30 mph 1.6 s1.0 s
0 - 60 mph 3.3 s2.7 s
0 - 100 mph 6.9 s6.8 s
0 - 150 mph 15.9 s17.8 s
Est. 1/8 mile 7.9 s @ 105.0 mph7.6 s @ 105.6 mph
1/4 mile 11.2 s @ 130.5 mph10.8 s @ 124.3 mph
Est. 1/2 mile 18.6 s @ 157.2 mph18.4 s @ 154.7 mph
Est. 1 mile 29.7 s @ 180.8 mph29.7 s @ 179.0 mph

Acceleration (kph)

Speed & distance Corvette ZR1Nissan GT-R
0 - 40 kph 1.5 s1.1 s
0 - 50 kph 1.6 s1.3 s
0 - 60 kph 2.5 s1.7 s
0 - 80 kph 3.1 s2.3 s
0 - 100 kph 3.2 s2.8 s
0 - 120 kph 5.1 s4.2 s
0 - 130 kph 5.0 s4.9 s
0 - 140 kph 6.2 s5.5 s
0 - 160 kph 7.8 s7.0 s
0 - 200 kph 10.3 s10.6 s
0 - 250 kph 17.4 s18.1 s
0 - 300 kph 32.6 s35.7 s
Est. 100 - 140 kph 2.7 s2.5 s
Est. 100 - 200 kph 7.3 s7.8 s
Est. 200 - 300 kph 23.1 s24.8 s

General performance

Category Corvette ZR1Nissan GT-R
Top speed 334 kph (208 mph)315 kph (196 mph)
Est. max acceleration 0.86 g (8 m/s²)1.02 g (10 m/s²)
18m slalom 72.3 kph (44.9 mph)72.7 kph (45.2 mph)
Lateral acceleration 1.10 g (11 m/s²)1.04 g (10 m/s²)
60 mph - 0 28 m (91 ft)29 m (94 ft)
70 mph - 0 43 m (142 ft)46 m (151 ft)


Category Corvette ZR1Nissan GT-R
Track Performance 10791079
Straight line speed 22552733
Total 33353812


GT-R is the fastest by a small margin.

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Fastedee  4y ago

Bizarre Auto Zeitung 0-80 .1 less than 0-100

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Karthick01  8y ago

Nissan GT-R Mk3 wins

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alti  9y ago

gtr KILLS pos zr1!!!

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Hamcee  9y ago

well, the r34 nismo was a much bigger upgrade to the standard r34s in comparison to the nisma gt-r and standard gt-r

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Fangio Man  9y ago

That Nismo GT-R, Mental named, sounds interesting. We all know what its "predecessor", the Nismo Skyline GT-R 34 is able to do (it has quite fast laptimes). I hope their results will be compareable...

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monkeypop  9y ago

I don't know what to think of a 600 horse gtr. They better make some major upgrades for reliability. Brakes need a full rework and they need to use a much larger trans cooler to prevent the dreaded limp mode. Owners themselves put in a better trans cooler so nissan would be wise to do the same.

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Mental  9y ago

I've heard Nissan is going to unveil its Nismo GT-R - "the ultimate GT-R" at this year's Tokyo motorshow. They promise 600 horses and some other improvements... Oh so competition would be even more strained.

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Z-4LiFE  9y ago

gtr is fake and is known to overheat after several launches the new lc updates don't do much if you drive it hard be it at 545hp or 900hp the limp-mode nissan wasn't made to for extreme use like the badass chevy

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BR2'  9y ago

...This is only the begining, Wait till the C7 StinRay ZO6 comes, along with the R36....If Nissan actually decides to make it, if you all thought the rolling, Fanboyism, Jealousy, Hate was bad on these cars, you better prepare your selves for whats coming.

But as an Advid lover of both Corvettes and GT-Rs, i cannot understand the hate of either, I can definetly understand the Fanboyism(Too A Point) but hate i cannot.

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Chick Norris  9y ago

Holly crap!

"Nissan GT-R (Mk 3) is noticeably faster."

How could that happen? Japanese hi-tech takes over true American brutality? That is something unpleasant to see for me as a Corvette lover. Oh, never mind, C7 ZR1 will take revenge. ;)

But shut up all you fanboys! Respect the winner, Vette fanboys, and, you GT-R's boys and girls, try not to be arrogant!

And, you xxLS2xx, make some wrong statement just based on what Clarkson is blabbering. Oh well, obvious troll is obvious.

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xxLS2xx  9y ago

"yea and vette doesnt have fiberglass OR carbon fiber. just plastic lol and gtr>zr1 still. stop commenting to me troll you have nothing legit to say haha and zr1 just falls apart when you get in it and youre lucky if it starts. none of the gtr but the AC vents is plastic.. lol you fail troll" That came from our friend Alti himself on youtube.

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gtr is slow  9y ago


**** gtr

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Shaggy  9y ago

That's more like it.
@ Nope: The Corvette ZR1's engine displacement is 6.2 liters, the Z06 has the 7.0 liter engine.
Very good comparison, the Nissan GTR gave the Corvette ZR1 a run for its money! Both are fantastic cars.

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Flabernat  9y ago

Fanboys just suck the fun out of a good sports-car comparison... >_<

Same track, same conditions, same driver the ZR1 is faster.
A closer comparison would be the Z06/Z07 & GT-R

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CoolShirtGuy  9y ago

GT-R Fanboys: Swinging from Nissan's nutsack since 2008. Even though maybe 2% of them have even seen a GT-R in-person, and 0.2% have driven one, and 0.002% actually own one.

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G  9y ago

The Nissan GT-R: Upsetting Corvette fanboys since 2008.

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Super8  9y ago

Since i live in Japan, i know few history about "The Legend Of The Red R Emblem":
The S54 4 door Skyline could chase Porsche 904 GTS on GP Suzuka. The first GT-R is scored 33 victories in the one and a half years it raced, and by the time it attempted its 50th consecutive win, its run was ended by a Mazda Savanna RX-3. Second GT-R rumored good for drag race and the most crazy GT-R is R32 model which faster than Ferrari 348 TB on several tracks and could reach 8.20 on Nordschleife faster than Porsche 944 that set 8.45 and when it reach Australia, it killed almost all Holden V8 cars including Ford Sierra Cosworth on 1990 Australian Touring Car Championship. It's look like Nissan has built a serious monster that only few knight that could defeat it. Not surprise if GT-R R35 is fast like hell.

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Super8  9y ago

Maybe ZR1 can't beat GTR on few tracks but don't worry! American still had Dodge Viper ACR and SRT Viper GTS. I heard the Viper GTS handling is far more better than old Dodge Viper SRT-10 and more faster. It should be enough to smoke GTR.

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Piorun  9y ago

GT-R is equal fast to ZR1 but only in specific conditions and driven by pro driver.

Driven by just a skilled driver on racetrack: GT-R is far more predictable and easier to controll.

So unless You spend last 5 years of Your life learning how to handle a car on a race track, Nissan will be quicker for You.

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Shaggy  9y ago

If the GTR beat the Corvette ZR1 fair and square, fair enough, the C6 is getting a bit outdated for its newer competitors. It's still my favorite car, though.