Porsche 918 Spyder vs McLaren P1 vs Ferrari LaFerrari

Picture of Porsche 918 Spyder
Picture of McLaren P1
Picture of Ferrari LaFerrari
Category 918 SpyderMcLaren P1LaFerrari
Engine layout V8V8V12
Max power (ps) 887916963
Max torque (Nm) 1280900900
Curb weight (kg) 167115191606
Power / tonne (ps) 531603600

Acceleration (mph)

Speed & distance 918 SpyderMcLaren P1LaFerrari
0 - 30 mph 1.0 s1.2 s1.5 s
0 - 40 mph 1.4 s1.7 s1.5 s
0 - 50 mph 1.8 s2.1 s2.5 s
0 - 60 mph 2.2 s2.6 s2.4 s
0 - 70 mph 2.8 s3.0 s2.9 s
0 - 80 mph 3.4 s3.5 s3.4 s
0 - 90 mph 4.1 s4.1 s4.0 s
0 - 100 mph 4.9 s4.7 s4.7 s
0 - 110 mph 5.8 s5.5 s5.5 s
0 - 120 mph 6.7 s6.3 s6.4 s
0 - 130 mph 7.9 s7.4 s7.4 s
0 - 140 mph 9.1 s8.5 s8.5 s
0 - 150 mph 10.5 s9.9 s9.8 s
0 - 160 mph 12.2 s11.6 s11.2 s
0 - 170 mph 14.4 s13.1 s13.3 s
0 - 180 mph 17.5 s15.7 s14.3 s
0 - 200 mph 29.7 s23.2 s19.8 s
1/4 mile 9.8 s9.8 s9.7 s

Acceleration (kph)

Speed & distance 918 SpyderMcLaren P1LaFerrari
0 - 50 kph 1.3 s1.2 s1.1 s
0 - 80 kph 1.8 s2.1 s1.9 s
0 - 100 kph 2.5 s2.8 s2.7 s
0 - 120 kph 3.2 s3.5 s3.3 s
0 - 130 kph 3.6 s4.0 s3.7 s
0 - 140 kph 4.0 s4.3 s4.0 s
0 - 160 kph 4.9 s5.1 s4.8 s
0 - 180 kph 5.9 s6.0 s5.8 s
0 - 200 kph 7.0 s6.8 s6.9 s
0 - 220 kph 8.5 s8.3 s8.3 s
0 - 240 kph 10.0 s9.8 s9.7 s
0 - 250 kph 11.4 s10.7 s10.5 s
0 - 260 kph 12.2 s11.6 s11.6 s
0 - 280 kph 15.2 s13.9 s14.0 s
0 - 300 kph 19.1 s16.5 s15.0 s
100 m 4.4 s4.7 s4.8 s
1000 m 17.7 s18.0 s18.2 s
Est. 100 - 200 kph 4.7 s4.1 s4.1 s
Est. 200 - 300 kph 12.8 s10.3 s8.8 s

Braking distance

Speed 918 SpyderMcLaren P1LaFerrari
60 kph - 0 13 m13 m12 m
100 kph - 0 29 m30 m37 m
120 kph - 0 45 m41 m41 m
140 kph - 0 59 m54 m55 m
160 kph - 0 76 m69 m72 m
190 kph - 0 111 m93 m97 m
200 kph - 0 123 m102 m126 m
60 mph - 0 29 m28 m29 m
70 mph - 0 43 m41 m41 m

General performance

Category 918 SpyderMcLaren P1LaFerrari
Top speed 351 kph350 kph355 kph
Est. 0 - 100 mph - 0 9.2 s8.5 s9.2 s
Est. max acceleration 1.17 g1.06 g1.04 g


Category 918 SpyderMcLaren P1LaFerrari
Track Performance 486494467
Straight line speed 421643874519
Total 470248814985


There is no clear winner in this comparison.

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hostboy  6m ago

I don't understand WHY people still compare coupes to a convertible. The 918 Spyder may not be a traditional convertible where the roof is removed automatically, but ANYTHING with a removable roof (such as a targa) is STILL a convertible.

Being a convertible, it is fair to say that the 918 loses in straight line performance. Even the LP700-4 Aventador Coupe catches up with it past 155mph (250km/h) and will eventually beat it.

Same exact thing can be said about the SLR, Enzo, and Murciélago LP580 Coupe versus the Carrera GT. Yes, the LP580 and the Carrera GT have the same 0-300km/h (186mph) time.

Its (the Carrera GT's) MOST fair rival is NOT the Enzo, but rather the MC12 from sister brand Maserati. Plus, of course, the SLR McLaren Roadster.

The 918 DOES NOT directly compete with LaFerrari, the body style is different and convertibles (especially soft-tops) create more drag than coupes and hardtops.

The LaFerrari Aperta is the 918's most fair rival. McLaren didn't make ANYTHING to rival the 918, but the 675LT Spider or 720S Spider is pretty close.

The LP670-4 SV was only available in coupe format, so the LP650 Roadster is the Carrera GT's closest competitor from Lambo.

The LP750-4 SV Roadster is the 918's closest Lambo competitor and maybe EVEN its closest competitor because of AWD.

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benedekpuskas  6m ago

Can't believe these cars are nearly 10 years old... 😭
The early 2010s were a pretty cool time to be a car enthusiast.

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Nobody   7m ago

Laferrari 0-100 37 meters....you ****ing kidding? I can do better with my e-class

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hostboy  7m ago


Absolutely nobody:

Me: This comparison is how it all started out. 10 years later, the LaFerrari naturally moves upscale to compete with the Speedtail, Regera, and Valkyrie. The 918 naturally gets demoted to SF90, Gemera, and Valhalla territory. The P1 really slots between a 296 and an AMG ONE in overall performance, albeit closer to 296 territory in main characteristics.

These three cars have basically split up their partnership.

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hostboy  10m ago

The Actual Family Tree (between all of the "Holy Trinity" cars)

F70 LaFerrari (son)
F60 Enzo (father)
F50 (grandfather)

SF90 Stradale (son)
F40 (father)
288 GTO (grandfather)

812 Competizione (son)
F12tDf (father)
599 GTO (grandfather)
250 GTO (great-grandfather)

Speedtail (son)
P1 (father)
M6GT (grandfather)

F1 (one of its own)

918 Spyder (one of its own)

Carrera GT (son)
911 GT1 (father)

911 GT2 RS (son)
911 GT2 (father)
959 (grandfather)

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Patthaan  3y ago

I really love all three of these cars, however, I feel the Porsche 918 is rather overshadowed by the 911 GT2 RS and I would rather have that. The Laferrari and P1 are both equally as fast, but the P1 is more of a weapon than the Laferrari and a bit sharper in my opinion. I would prefer the P1, but only by a tiny margin.

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SpeedKing  3y ago

Here we have yet another example of why taking lap times at face value perpetuates ignorance. Let's look at Portimao lap times for the 918, P1 and LaFerrari shall we? Monkey completed a lap in the 918 Spyder recording 1:53.98 on Cup2's. Ferrari wanted the P1 to use the same rubber as they were using ie. PZero Corsa's so that's what they got. The lap time Harris set in the P1 on the Corsa's was 1:53.57 whereas he got 1:54.25 in the La Ferrari. He then put the TrofeoR's on the P1 and got 1:51.78. So anyone looking at the differences in lap times with this comparison based on face value would immediately jump to the conclusion that the P1 was considerably faster which it is NOT. Facts matter and as for the acceleration figures, well let's just say they're extracted from more motor mags and are absolute nonsense lol

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aaayy   3y ago

I think the 918 is fastest off the line and the most daily drivable of the three, but the P1 is the best on track and ties the LaFerrrai with acceleration, but has a higher trap speed in the 1/4 mile, as well as the same time (LaFerrari's fastest recorded time was 9.8).

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n21t4  5y ago

Think that 15.0 sec 0-300km/h is making the LaFerrari the apparent fastest here. I expect them to be all close with points

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Chanante  7y ago

The price of Turbo S is really near a 488 price, both a 230-240K € in Europe. GT3 RS is diferent because not sold, you can find a second hand GT3 Rs for 300K €

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tharne  7y ago

That is not what i am saying saxy.... He said the 3 cars are "best in their own segment" So I said the ACR and The 675 LT which are base more for track like the GT3 RS will beat the GT3 RS any day on track....So i disagree with him like chanante said. That is all i am saying. I am not talking about the overall of the car( comfort, durability,cost) Just performance on track for the ACR, 675 and GT3 RS.

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saxy  7y ago

Are you saying it costs more to buy a Porsche GT3 RS than it is to buy a 675 LT where you live?

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tharne  7y ago

Price depends on where you live also. So what might be cheaper for you might not be for me...

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tharne  7y ago

Well that is something i wanted to ask him too. Is he talking about performance only and not cost? or comfort? durability? Or overall? The 918 overheated again against the Rimac... so what are we talking about? I was talking about performance only and not price or comfort.

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saxy  7y ago

You mean the 675lt which is twice the price of a 911 turbo/GT3 RS is faster?

While the others you mentioned cost from 60-100k more than the Turbo S...

The only European supercars in the Porsche price range and competitive is the R8 plus and 570S. The 570S costs actually more but it's a hell of a package, 625+hp, carbon tub.

The Z06... on any given day it might be slower than the grand sport given its heating issues.

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tharne  7y ago

Oh and i forgot to mention the Z06 c7 will beat the 991 GT3 RS too...

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tharne  7y ago

I might agree with you on the 918 but it overheated again going against the Rimac.... so there is still work to do.
GT3 RS will get beat around the track by the viper acr or the 675 Lt ALL DAY.... 991 turbo again you have 650s, 488, Huracan, that will give it a good fight.

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Chanante  7y ago

918 is a great super car but the others are great same. LaFerrari is very near in times with a corsa tyres (much slower than cup 2) and sorry, GT3 RS is very interesting racing car but a 488 distroy it and turbo S. Turbo S isnt fast as 650S, 570S or 488.

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Sonatine  7y ago

The 918 Spyder is better than P1 and LaFerrari on the most racetracks. Salomondrin made some nice comparisons with a professional race-driver. The 918 Spyder beats P1, LaFerrari, Viper ACR Mk V and Veyron Super Sport and also the direct comparison with the P1 and the Viper ACR Mk V.

Normally the P1 and LaFerrari got better race-tires on, so the 918 Spyder got a clear disadvantage there. Motor Trend and EVO both tested the 918 Spyder vs. the P1 and the 918 Spyder won both comparisons when both cars drove on the same tires (Trofeo R). Beside of that Ferrari was always so afraid to make some official tests because they know that the 918 Spyder and the P1 are faster on tracks.

All 3 hypercars are amazing pieces of engineering but the 918 Spyder got the best performance on the most tracks, the most comfort-features and technical stuff like assistance-systems, multimedia (3D-soundsystem), navigation-system with two multi-touch displays and with it's AWD and 4-wheel-steering you can drive it 365 days per year! Porsche really know how to build perfect super- and hypercars. The 918 Spyder, 991/.2 Turbo (S) and 991 GT3 RS are currently the best cars in their segments.

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BR2+  8y ago

Thats why both companys are afraid to go in a comparison with it right?...