Toro Rosso STR11 vs Sauber C35 vs Haas VF-16 vs Ferrari SF16-H

Picture of Sauber C35
Picture of Haas VF-16
Picture of Toro Rosso STR11
Picture of Ferrari SF16-H
Category Sauber C35Haas VF-16STR11SF16-H
Engine layout V6V6V6V6
Max power (ps)
Max torque (Nm)
Curb weight (kg)
Power / tonne (ps)

Race results

Race Sauber C35Haas VF-16STR11SF16-H
Canadian GP 15th13th9th2nd
Italian GP 16th11th15th3rd
Belgian GP 17th12th14th6th
German GP 18th11th14th5th
Japanese GP 15th11th13th4th
Russian GP 14th8th12th3rd
Singapore GP 13th11th9th4th
Bahrain GP 12th5th7th2nd
Australian GP 15th6th9th3rd
Hungarian GP 17th13th8th4th
British GP 15th16th8th5th
Austrian GP 13th7th8th3rd
United States GP 14th10th6th4th
Spanish GP 12th11th6th2nd
Chinese GP 16th14th3rd2nd
Mexican GP 11th19th16th5th


Category Sauber C35Haas VF-16STR11SF16-H
Track Performance 1933199020202094
Straight line speed 33811421600
Total 1967207121623694


SF16-H is the fastest by a huge margin.

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